Why A Book Should Be Banned Essay

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What exactly does banning a book solve and how will banning a book solves this “problem”? You could be reading a banned book for history in your room at this exact moment. A banned book is a book that is banned in a library, home, or even country for a reason that an official calls out. I, myself, disagree with the idea of censoring books just seeing that one or a few people disagree with the book in anyway. One person’s decision may ruin the joy for everyone. Google has unneeded censorship throughout everything they accomplish. YouTube’s blacklist will remove videos that they dislike. According to an article, “In December 2015, singer Joyce Bartholomew sued YouTube for removing her openly pro-life music video, but I can find no instances …show more content…
Throughout his lifetime, Lewis Carroll created short stories and hadn’t published anything until 1856. In 1856, Lewis Carroll published a piece for “The Train.” On July 4th of 1862, 10 year aged girl named Alice asked Lewis to entertain her and her sisters. Carroll suddenly told the girls stories about a girl named Alice who fell down a rabbit hole. This story was unlike others, so Alice asked Lewis to write it down. Carroll after rewrites the story, asked a friend for help, and went to seek out a publisher. In the year of 1865, Alice in Wonderland was published. After the success of Alice in Wonderland , Carroll published another book named Through The Looking Glass which is a sequel to Alice in Wonderland.
Alice in Wonderland is a novel about a young girl named Alice who fell down a well. This well that Alice fell down into was a portal to a wonderland. Down in this wonderland, Alice met countless creatures and people such as Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, and King of Hearts. The reason for Alice in Wonderland to be banned from public libraries in view of the fact that the story (supposedly) puts animals and humans on the same level, has numerous references to different drugs, and a large amount of references to sex/masturbation. The book has been banned in numerous places as well, such as

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