Muscle spindle

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  • The Effects Of Stretching On Strength Performance

    These effects of stretching prominently appear to affect stretch tolerance with no changes in the viscoelastic properties of the muscle (Halbertsma & Göeken, 1994) (Magnusson, Simonsen, Aagaard, Sørensen, & Kjaer, 1996). The mechanism for increased performance following chronic stretching is believed to be related to stretch-induced hypertrophy, which is discussed more when examining the adaption mechanisms. Adaptation Mechanisms The adaptation mechanisms of acute and chronic stretching are important in determining the effects stretching has on strength performance. The primary adaptions due to stretching occur through neurological, structural, cellular, and hormonal mechanisms. However, literature is rather inconclusive in which mechanisms, and to what degree the mechanism has been altering strength performance. Neurological Adaptations The effects of stretching on strength performance has been tried to be related to neurological mechanisms. Several chronic studies have claimed that improvements in flexibility in performance are related to a greater tolerance to stretch (Halbertsma & Göeken, 1994) (Magnusson, Simonsen, Aagaard, Sørensen, & Kjaer, 1996) (Halbertsma, Bolhuis, & Göeken, 1996). These reductions in sensitivity to stretch increase the activation threshold of the muscle, tendon, joint receptors, and nociceptors, but are fundamental mechanism for the protections of structures involved in movement. These reductions theoretically allow for greater forces…

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  • Summary Of The Story Of Cock A Doodle Doo

    industriousand the other ugly and lazy. She behaved most kindly, however, to the ugly one cruelly tothe other because she was her stepdaughter and made her do all the hard work and live likea kitchen maid. The poor maiden was forced out daily on her highroad and had to sit by thewell and spin so much that blood ran from her fingers.Once it was happened that her spindles became quite covered with blood so kneeling downby the well she tried to wash it off, but it fell down due to her misfortune.…

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  • Mycerinus And His Queen Analysis

    Both bodies are meant to give off a strong and youthful vibe. The sculptor stylized the rigid body of the pharaoh to show strength and power. Mycerinus’ shoulders are extremely broad and rigid, on either side of his body his arms lay evenly straight against his body. His arm muscles are clearly indented at the varying muscles and creases. The shoulder muscles bulge out sideways, while the elbow crease is clearly marked. Mycerinus hands are tightly clenched against his body, while his bottom…

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  • Biomechanics Of MET

    This report investigates muscle energy techniques (MET) and its respective structural components. It highlights biomechanical mechanisms and physiological effects in relation to MET stretching. To further explore the subject, relevant studies are presented and reflected upon, contributing with a final overview on the subject as a whole. MET biomechanical and physiological mechanisms Muscle energy techniques most significant body structural components include Golgi tendon organs (GTOs) and…

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  • Jenbrassik Case Study

    with the alpha-gamma co-activation theory. It states that the alpha motor neurons activates the motor tone, which leads to the spindles providing feedback to the brain. This process is done by the gamma motor neurons, who are in charge of controlling the stimulation of the cerebellum. Also, both the alpha and gamma motor neurons meet at the same effector muscles. Furthermore, when the extrafusal fibers of the muscle spindle contract, the intrafusal fibers change length in correlation to the…

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  • Idiopathic Scoliosis Research Paper

    seventy percent, thoracolumbar curves to the left at eighty percent, and double major curves are right and left thoracic and lumbar respectively, at ninety percent. Most of the effects AIS has on patients are physical, however there are some psychological effects. Asher and Burton (2006) have found that studies has shown that pulmonary symptoms like shortness of breath are generally found more often in patients with AIS. This is because these curves are usually larger. They found that this does…

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  • Knee Protesting Theory

    INTRODUCTION Proprioception is defined as the “cumulative neural input to the CNS from mechanoreceptors in the joint capsule, ligaments, muscles, tendons and skin” (Beard et al 1993). There is loss of both stability and proprioception in the knee following an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) (Barrett DS 1991). The afferent nerves are responsible for proprioception arise from the ligaments, capsules surrounding muscles and skin (Grigg P et al 1982) activating muscle contraction,…

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  • Summary Of The Muscular System

    However, muscle fibers have vital physical features that develop two distinct types of fibers. The fast twitch, also known as type ii fibers, and slow-twitch fibers or type i fibers (Bidle, 2016). Muscles are also put in “compartments” a muscle compartment is known as, “a group of functionally related muscles enclosed and separated from others by connective tissue fascia.” (Sullivan & Gan, 2015). These fascias are also known as intermuscular septa. The muscle compartments also hold the blood…

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  • Importance Of Squat

    The optimum length of a muscle to deliver maximum tension is slightly greater than the resting length of the muscle. This can be related back to the discussion earlier. Many people do not squat deep enough because the length of their muscles is allowing them to push back up with less effort, due to the length-tension relationship. However, this is how injuries to joints and ligaments can occur. It is much harder to fully squat because fewer cross bridges are making contact within the muscle, so…

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  • What Is Stretching?

    energy, results in less muscle soreness than other stretches, it can be done is a small amount of space, and gives one a great deal of control over the joints range of motion (ROM). Static stretching consists of passively stretching a muscle by putting it into a maximum or near maximum stretched position and holding that position for a short time. These stretches are usually performed for at least five repetitions and held for anywhere from several seconds to a minute. Holding thess stretches…

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