How Did Louis Armstrong Change The World

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“There are two kinds of music, the good and the bad. I play the good kind” (Armstrong). Millions of people, starting in the 1930s until today, have agreed with Louis Armstrong’s famous words and have been huge fans of the famous musician. Louis Armstrong was an outstanding jazz musician during the Harlem Renaissance Era. He was especially known for his spectacular trumpet playing, unmistakable voice, and exceptionally recognizable, broad smile. The beginning of his inspirational life set forth not how one might expect. Once he discovered music, his dedication and love for the trumpet, as well as singing, changed his life and the history of music. Louis Armstrong was a very influential jazz musician who used his talents along with a remarkable personality for the world to enjoy.
Rough Beginning Armstrong 's adventurous life began rather ruggedly. On August fourth, 1901, he was born into an impoverished family who was not prepared for a child (Louis Armstrong). He was born in a ghetto town known as “the Battlefield” of New Orleans, Louisiana (Tanenhaus 19). Owing to the fact that his family did not truly have the time or the finances for a child, Armstrong was
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They eventually were fired and replaced by the Louis Armstrong All Stars who performed “Dixieland” jazz music. For the next twenty years, the Louis Armstrong All Stars traveled around the world sharing their love and musical talents. During this time, they started professional recordings of their music which was not as simple back then as it may sound. Technology was not as advanced as it is today, so any errors made while recording meant starting the entire song over. Sounds were recorded onto a wax cylinder which could not be edited like technology today (Tanenhaus 16). Although Armstrong faced numerous difficulties in his musical development, his impending career was soon to be

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