Louis Armstrong's Influence On Music

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Louis Armstrong is known for being the man who had a gravelly singing voice and played the trumpet well. His familiar voice and many hits are known worldwide to anyone, whether you be a jazz fan or not. Louis Armstrong was one of the most popular jazz icons of the 20th century, and he shaped music during that era. Some of his music is even well-known today. This paper will explain how Armstrong modernized the Jazz industry and had a big influence on music. Music would be completely different without him, and no songs today would exist in the style you know. Louis Armstrong modernized the jazz and music industry through his style of performing and singing.

During his middle life, Armstrong was able to influence and change jazz in many ways.
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“[Louis Armstrong] left his mark on a generation of European musicians who drank deeply from the well of his genius” says Teachout (203). When Armstrong went on tours in Europe, many musicians were influenced by him. In once instance, a European trumpeter was very judgmental about Armstrong and didn’t think he was much until he heard him in person. After that, the artist arranged for him to play a cover of Armstrong’s song. He really spread the developing genre of jazz throughout Europe as the continent was not very familiar with jazz. Armstrong was know as the “ultimate representative of African-American musical history” and blended his style into jazz culture, making him a big contributor to music (Thomas Brothers, 437). His new pop-sounding songs were none like anyone heard in Europe heard before, and European musicians took from his style and used it in their music. This influence from Armstrong developed new styles of music in Europe, which changed its path to modern music …show more content…
As I mentioned before, he was considered a very good improviser, but that wasn’t his only exclusive talent. He had a distinct vibrato sound on the trumpet by shaking his hand instead of rocking his fingers or flexing his jaws, which was seen as improper but made his style his own. Armstrong’s style had influence over the radio when he recorded a cover of “I can 't Give You Anything But Love” in an extremely new to the public manner. It was popular on the radio for a year, which was rare at the time, and it stayed that long only because it was very different. Thomas Brothers stated that Armstrong created two new styles in particular. The first one were both “strictly Negro and very modern” and the second one was “ragging” the tune African-American style (395). These styles influenced jazz and music as a

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