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  • Lizzie Borden Research Paper

    excluded. This was the first of many key points in the prosecutions case that were rejected. Knowlton delivered the closing argument for the Prosecution speaking in majestic prose the speech had a biblical ring to it. Knowlton called for the jury to do their job and not be gallant, for Lizzie may be a woman and a christian but that does not excuse her from being a criminal. The defense headed by George Robinson spent most of his time discrediting the prosecution’s witnesses. Robinson started with Bridget Sullivan making her seem elusive showing the jury contradictions in her story about what she had said in court about the Borden girls ate separately form the rest of the family but her inquest testimony claimed the family always ate together always ate together. Then moving on to suggest that she may have left the side door unlocked asking first if the door was left unlocked while she washed the windows and then if it was possible that someone could walk in without her seeing them, Bridget answered yes to all of these questions. The defense also brought in witnesses that claimed to hear an angry man arguing with Mr. Borden suggesting there were other people in town who had beef with Mr. Borden. The closing argument made by Robinson heavily relied on the notion that a woman could not have committed such a crime. Exclaiming that it was the juries job to determine if Lizzie had committed the murders not find out who did, claiming the whole prosecution case as circumstantial.…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright House Essay

    most influential architect today. Wright’s influence started at a young age. Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June eighth, 1867 and died on April ninth in 1959 ( Wright at nineteen years old and a college dropout moved to Chicago to be an architect. While living in Chicago, young Wright unexpectedly won immediate admission to the inner circles of the architecture world. (Fishman). Wright designed houses for people all over the country, but did a lot of work in Oak Park. While in…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Two Architectures Of Authority

    designed by the magnificent architect, Sullivan. Sullivan always wanted to put people in shock with his creativity plans he never wanted people to feel boring as if they aren’t starring at something so pure and graceful. The Jeppesen Terminal Building left millions in people surprised and astound. The Fentress Bradburn Architects have so much inventiveness and originality. Their phenomenal work made the Jeppesen Terminal history; it’s one of the largest airport by land area in the United States…

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  • Burnham And Wellborn Root Essay

    Daniel H Burnham and John Wellborn Root are consider to be one of the founding fathers when it comes to advancement towards Chicago architecture. Root was born in Georgia and Burnham born in New York; however, both became native to Chicago at a youth consequently loving the architecture that was there beforehand. Roots had the better recognized education while learning about architecture in school while studying in Liverpool, England and eventually got a degree in civil engineering from New…

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  • Musical Theatre Essay

    A rising art form in popular culture today is none other than the American musical theatre. An array of factors have emerged and collided over the past decade to bring what was once a niche staple of American culture to the forefront of the media and culture around the world. The sum of an evolving variety of music genres within the form, an increased interest and engagement by A and B list celebrities, an increasingly globalized Western culture, among other influences have allowed for the…

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  • Essay On Signature Theatre

    Although Signature Theatre has not yet produced Guys and Dolls, it is one that their company could undoubtedly do in the future. The theatre certainly has the capabilities and facilities necessary to produce a high quality version of this musical. However, this fact, although relevant is not the most important factor in deciding whether or not they would choose to produce the show. The theatre must also have a desire to pick this specific musical out of the hundreds of other choices that exist.…

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  • Franck Lloyd Wright's Theory Of Organic Architecture

    In the late 19th century, another famous American architect — Franck Lloyd Wright, who was an employee of Sullivan’s studio, inherited Sullivan’s idea about relationship between form and function. Wright thinks that architecture should be loyal to not only structure and purpose of itself, but also time, site, and the environment. Based on the idea of organic architecture, combining his practice in “Prairie Style,” Wright had further developed Sullivan’s idea forward it to a more throughout…

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  • Skyscrapers Essay

    While architect Louis Sullivan was considered the founder of “modern high rise American architecture” like skyscrapers (Karwatka), William Jenney was the first architect to design and build a skyscraper in the United States, which was built in 1884. Although Jenney’s skyscraper gained popularity, Sullivan’s skyscrapers gained more recognition due to the fact that his buildings were designed along his belief of how the “design of a building should acknowledge the structural shape underneath”…

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  • Analysis Of Master Builders By Frank Llyod Wright

    Modernism, a revolution movement started in the 20th century, is a style when “form follows function”, as quoted from Louis Sullivan, the famous Frank Llyod Wright’s mentor. Wright was one of the pioneers of Modern Architecture and his masterpiece, the Fallingwater, was perhaps his best interpretation of Modernism. Located in rural Southwestern of Pennsylvania, the Fallingwater is so popular that it is often mentioned in many architecture books regarding its application to the site. B.B.…

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  • Organic Architecture: Organic Architecture

    they sat in, almost as if they were one together. Years went on, and I started to study architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright. Eventually, I was introduced to this word, “organic architecture.” So what really is “organic architecture” and what makes architecture “organic?” Now, where exactly does this word “organic architecture” even come from? Well, it actually dates back as early as the 19th century. As early as 1908, a famous architect by the name of Frank Lloyd Wright began to adopt this…

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