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  • Persuasive Essay: Why Is Cheerleading A Sport?

    Bring it on. When people think about a typical cheerleader, they always think short skirts, loud voices, and tons of energy. Cheerleaders are not just spirited people in uniform. Cheerleaders are commonly seen on the sidelines of a football game. They normally not thought of as a sport because they cheer for another sport playing like football. Some people may argue cheer is a hobby and not a sport. However, competitive cheerleading is different from sideline cheerleading. Sideline cheerleaders are the typical cheerleaders that people automatically picture in a cliché movie where head cheerleader dates jock. Nonetheless, competitive cheerleading is different, since they are the ones that spend hours practicing on their skills to get better.…

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  • Bring It On Movie Analysis

    David Denby paints us a picture of how Hollywood portrays high school life in movies. The very first movie of the Bring It On series, titled Bring It On, fits his description almost perfectly. The main characters in this movie are high schoolers that are very passionate about cheerleading. It sounds like an innocent movie that everyone can watch, but this movie contains a lot of adult humor. Denby described Hollywood’s portrayal of high school as a “never ending nightmare” (p. 366). He…

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  • Bring Back Flogging Summary

    Response to "Bring Back Flogging" Jeff Jacoby is a strong advocate for bringing some of the corporal punishment ideals from the Puritans back into modern society. Additionally, the reasons Jacoby gives are agreeable and have an abundant number of sources to back them up. I personally agree with the author's stance on corporal punishment as well as his reasonings for such an opinion. These reasons being: (1) The price of keeping criminals incarcerated is expensive especially with how many inmates…

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  • Bring Back Flogging Analysis

    Since February 1994, Jeff Jacoby has been an op-ed columnist for The Boston Globe, where the essay, “Bring Back Flogging,” was published on February 20, 1997(Jacoby 196). In this essay, Jacoby claims the argument that prison time is so inhumane and he also shows that there are many flaws of imprisonment. Therefore, he wants to persuade his audience that flogging is an effective method of punishing criminals. In order to completely understand Jeff Jacoby’s argument, I will show how he convinces…

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  • Bring Me The Horizon Analysis

    The song Throne by Bring Me The Horizon has quite a dynamic sound with many different elements without even contemplating the lyrics. The song starts with a short intro of electronic elements that periodically play throughout the song. The drums begin to become a part of this element starting with a fast paced cymbal rhythm picking up the speed. Once the rhythm is at full speed, it drops, pulling the listener into the entering lyrics. It is slower for a few seconds and only contains a steady…

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  • Personal Narrative-Bring Condoms

    with his college girlfriend, Abby when he raped me. Christian had text me earlier in the day asking if he could come over to my apartment. Of course knowing that he had just broken up with Abby earlier, I told him I would not be his rebound. But I agreed that he could come over. It had been Mill Fest day here in Athens, Ohio and I had gone out with a few friends. Our goal of the day was to get completely trashed and walk home without getting arrested or hospitalized for consuming too much…

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  • Bring The Boys Home Analysis

    The Vietnam War In times of war there are generally three people, the people in the war, the people watching the war, and those who don’t care. Photojournalist Larry Burrows happened to be two of those people. Larry Burrows died when his helicopter was shot down over laos while collecting photos of this gruesome war that claimed thousands of lives. Originally written January, 25th,1963 the Times article “America in Vietnam, 1963: Deeper Into War” provided a much deeper out look into the…

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  • Essay On Global Warming Brings

    What Global Warming Will Bring Since the Big Bang, there have been a total of seven Ice ages and seven warm periods in the Earth’s history. Accordingly, when the climate changes, many conditions such as sea levels, temperature, humidity and even the major existence of species have been altered as a natural phenomenon. As for this era, we are in interglacial period. Interglacial period is a period that exists between each Ice age, and its climate is altered so slowly that animals cannot even…

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  • Change Brings Opportunity Analysis

    “Change brings opportunity.” Nido Qubein once stated. Change is not always easy to adapt to, but with change new doors open to a fresh beginning. One of the biggest change in my life is transitioning from high school into college. There are many adjustments that I had to make, many challenging and exciting experiences, and the want to change something about myself as I progress through the college experience. Numerous adjustments had to be made during my transition from high school to college.…

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  • Understanding My Calling Essay

    called me to put my faith in him and believe in him. The call to faith is a purpose for all people. Without this first calling, the following purposes for my life could not be fulfilled. The next purpose for my life is my call to minister – my call to share the gospel with those I encounter. Similarly, this purpose is one for all mankind as well, and one that can be done at any time in life. Lastly, my divine design is my call to vocational ministry. This calling is unique, not more important,…

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