Bring It On Movie Analysis

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David Denby paints us a picture of how Hollywood portrays high school life in movies. The very first movie of the Bring It On series, titled Bring It On, fits his description almost perfectly. The main characters in this movie are high schoolers that are very passionate about cheerleading. It sounds like an innocent movie that everyone can watch, but this movie contains a lot of adult humor.
Denby described Hollywood’s portrayal of high school as a “never ending nightmare” (p. 366). He continued by describing how Hollywood stereotypes certain teens in movies, such as the popular teens, cheerleaders, football players, and outsiders. The popular, well-known girl usually has blonde hair and has a skinny figure. Most of the time, the popular girl
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Big Red was the head captain of the RCH Torros and passed the leadership to Torrance Shipman. Unfortunately, Torrance did not know that Big Red stole all of their best cheers from Isis, East Compton High’s cheer captain. Big Red, Torrance, and Isis all share qualities of Denby’s description of the popular girl character. Big Red had red hair, and she talked to her team in a very rude, mean, and disrespectful manner. She felt the team was great because she made them that way, and not because they are talented individuals. She had two henchmen, Courtney and Whitney, that hated her but acted just like her. Big Red would be what Denby described as the “wicked princess”, but instead she was a wicked cheer captain (p. 366). Torrance Shipman was everyone’s favorite, except Isis, but at the end Isis grew to respect Torrance. She also had Courtney and Whitney as sidekicks, but they were very harsh towards Torrance because she did not act like Big Red. At first glance, Torrance has a sweet and kind personality, but like everyone else she can have a sarcastic tone and sometimes uses unladylike language. She also fits Denby’s description of the popular girl because she has blonde hair, skinny figure, two sidekicks, and is beautiful and rich. Last but not least is the character Isis. Unlike the other two popular girls Isis is African-American with an attitude like Big Red, except Isis does not steal cheers. She has the rude personality of the popular girl Denby describes, but she is not the most hated in the film Of course, she has 2 side kicks as well, but they are very supportive of her. Her sidekicks, Lava and Jenelope, also fit Denby’s description of Hollywood high school girls. These two girls are exactly like Isis, and “they dominate their realm” (p. 366). Unlike Denby’s description of Hollywood’s high school, Bring It On has three popular girls with sidekicks instead of just one, and this adds variety

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