Say Anything: Movie Analysis

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Just like Romeo and Juliet, Say Anything consist of two people from very different backgrounds, who fall happily in love, but have a tragic accident happen. You have the valedictorian, Diane Court, and the nice guy, Lloyd Dobbler. Diane comes from a wealthy family; she lives her with dad only, who owns a senior living home, this is also where Diane works. Lloyd lives with his sister and her son, both his mother and father are in the army. In the movie, Say Anything, there are three conspicuous topics that show up, Individualism vs. Collectivism, Interpersonal Needs Theory, and proxemics.
Individualism differs from Collectivism in many ways. Individualism says that culture emphasizes personal rights and responsibility, whereas Collectivism emphasizes more collaboration, shared interest, and public goodness (Flottemesch 2017). Individualism is brought upon by Diane’s father, Jim Court. Jim is hiding a secret from Diane, which in respect, he
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Public being 12ft., Social being 4-12ft., Personal being 18in.-4ft., and Intimate being 0in.-18in. (Flottemesch 2017). We see in Say Anything an example of all of these. Public proxemics would be when Diane is giving a speech towards her class. While she was on the stage giving her speech, her classmates were in the stands listening to her. Social proxemics is shown when Lloyd is talking to his friends after Diane had broken up with him. Lloyd is a couple of feet away from his peers at the gas station, while conversing about his breakup with Diane. Lloyd’s peers are sitting on a wall, while Lloyd is standing away from them, a couple of feet. Personal proxemic is shown with the relationship of Diane and Jim. While both are sitting on a chair, they are able to talk about their personal beings and how they are feeling. Intimate proxemics was shown when Lloyd and Diane were making out in the back seat, in which they were cuddling with each other and sharing a

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