Difference Between Care Ethics And Individualism

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Virtue Ethics (Individualism) and Care Ethics (Collectivism)
Virtue ethics or Individualism is having the excellence of moral; righteousness, responsibility, and other exemplary qualities. Care ethics, or feminist theory, states that women and men have different ethical practices. However, no one person, man or woman, is better or superior to another. Individualism is inner power and strength, whereas collectivism is societal assistance for improvement or advancement. Discuss Aristotle’s Nicomachean ethics. Named after his son, Aristotle states that the aim of all human beings is to “…reason well for a whole or complete life” (Morality and religion, 2012). According to Aristotle, all humans are to show characteristics of being good
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The Golden Mean is to be in the middle of two extremes. This can be the middle between good and evil, as we are all neither purely good or evil; intelligent and ignorant, as we all should strive for knowledge, not ignorance. Due to the fact that having an excess or deficiency of something is apparently not the way to life, according to Aristotle, we should accept that no person is all knowledgeable, nor all ignorant. We all have a level of intelligence, and therefore, we cannot be completely dumb in one aspect of life or another. Discuss Confucian Moral Self-Cultivation. To the Chinese, de, or virtue, is that which resides within a person that is favorable to a person or spirit. Those who possess virtue, are people who have a “…positive, dramatic, and powerful effect upon others…” (Thiroux and Krasemann et al, Pg. 63, para. 4). Not only are people to be positive in the face of glory or tribulation, we are to have the power to assist others in being positive for the wellness of …show more content…
I have no control other than to tell my lungs not to breathe. If I do not breathe, I die. I work to pay bills; therefore, I have no control over my life. However, I can choose where to work and for what amount of money is agreed upon where I can hopefully have more money to use on more than just bills. I go to every class to make the best grades possible. Alas, it is still very possible to earn a poor grade even while attending all class meetings. I need to present all assigned work along with attending classes to make the best grade I can. Therefore, I can say I did my best. I cannot do badly because it is not in my moral ethics to do so. I am a free will determinist. I see my free will when I arrive early to school and make the extra efforts to make higher

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