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  • Eragon Character Analysis

    What Has Been Lost An impossible task. The challenge of defeating an undefeatable king. An old-time hero is thrown into an epic journey with a younger, slightly clueless hero. “ starts again. However it may be, my station is unchanged” (Paolini, Eragon 98). The storyteller Brom states this when he first lays eyes upon Eragon’s dragon, Saphira, who exists in the novel Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Eragon is the main character in the story. Paolini opens the reader’s emotions to allow loyalty to lie with this character and his inseparable dragon. While this is so, the reader may feel a stronger connection with the character Brom because of his bravery and vulnerability, and his personal connection with Eragon in the third installation of the series, Brisinger. Brom fulfills the ideal of the Medieval hero, far exceeding the hero that Eragon is. Although Brom is not the main protagonist, he still demonstrates the brave ideals that can be found in the Middle Ages. He is incredibly brave in every battle that he fights. Though his bravery is immense, his age belies an undercurrent of incapability at times. The magic does not always come to him when he needs it as is demonstrated when Eragon first uses magic. While throughout the novel Eragon’s ability to call upon the magic increases above Brom’s physical ability, Brom holds a more useful knowledge of the Ancient Language. He knows how to manipulate it correctly, and he knows how not to overuse the gifts of the power that…

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