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The Beach Boys are an all-male and all American rock band that consists of five of them. They got together in Hawthorne, California in 1961. The original Beach Boys were three brothers; Brian who was born in 1942, Carl who was born in 1946 and Dennis Wilson who was born in 1944; later, one of their cousins Mike Love who was born in1941 and their schoolmate Alan Jardine who was born in 1942 (was replaced by David Marks before they got back together) grouped with them. Brian was actually the leader of the group; he wrote the songs, and arranged their harmonies.
Their first single “Surfin” which was a double sided record, side B was “Luau” was released in 1961. But their first hit single in the United States was “I Get Around” from the alum “All Summer Long” which was released by Capitol Records in 1964. They first performed this song in Los Angeles, California May 12, 1964 when they appeared on the Red Skelton Show and shortly after they did their first live performance on the Ed Sullivan Show on September 27, 1964. Their album “Pet Sounds” was ranked number two on the rolling stones 500 greatest albums of all-time list.
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It is said that The Beach Boys have sold a number exceeding 100 million of records worldwide. They have also been a huge influence and inspiration to other musicians such as Dave Edmunds, John Cale, Lindsey Buckingham, Elton John, and Randy Newman. The Beach Boys early hits helped in bringing up the state of California. They gave Southern California something to be known and proud of; the music scene was no longer just in Hollywood. The Beach Boys have also had tribute albums made for them which include songs that other artists have

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