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  • The Big Here And Long Now Analysis

    Everyone see the world depending on the prescription of their glasses, and those glasses vary from one person to another; affected by personal experiences, worldviews, culture, art, and most importantly, literature. “The Big Here and Long Now” by Brian Eno is a masterpiece that deals with two concepts that influence the way humans see the world. In this essay, here is not only a place or a position, it has a broader meaning that includes behavior, lifestyle, and mind. Likewise, now is not exclusively the present moment, it is extended to a time that our imagination cannot reach. Both concepts imply human ignorance and blindness towards the environment, surroundings, and future. During the past few weeks, the class of ENC1001 has been reading interesting poems and short stories. “Cathedral”, “Story of an Hour”, and “Mending Wall” are some of them, and all three pieces can be analyzed through the lenses of the Big Here versus the Small Here. “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver is a short story of a man who seems to be very threatened by his wife’s blind…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Significant Day In My Life

    February 6, 2015 will always be a significant day in my life. It was a Friday, and it was also the day my aunt Pam lost her life to a tough battle with multiple different types of cancer. It was heartbreaking news, and all I wanted to do after finding out was go lay in my bed and cry. However, that 's not what happened, and the day was long from being over. It was a sunny, somewhat chilly Friday afternoon, and I was supposed to be dismissed early from my 7th period class to board the basketball…

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  • Should Millennials Be Allowed In The Hunger Games

    Participation Trophies Hinder Kids "If I play a whole game I get a whole snow cone, but if I play a half a game I still get a whole snow cone. It's a whole snow cone either way. I'd rather play half a game." This quote is from one of Brian Regan's performances, "Lousy in Little League", where he talks about the new social norm of rewarding children for participating. While Brian Regan is a comedian, and this was meant to be funny, it does have some truth. Just as Brian Regan said, children…

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  • Everyday Use Poem Analysis

    Everyday Use, a short story written by Alice walker embraces the idea of heritage and shows the reader how important it is to be true to your culture. Dee, the narrator 's daughter loses sight of that and has to be reminded of her African American culture. In the story, she asks for the butter churn and quilts, two objects with an abundance of history behind them, with the intention to utilize as mere decorations. In an attempt to embrace her heritage, Dee changes her name thinking that this…

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  • The Mug: A Short Story

    "The Mug." He replies in a monotone. Is he concentrating or annoyed with me? Probably both. And even with the awful mood I 'm in, I can 't help feeling a tiny cheer go on in my mind when he answered with that. At least we 're going there. He pulls into the parking lot and parks near the door. I sit in my seat, still buckled, while Blake gets out of the car. I lean my elbow on the door, and rest my head in my hand and close my eyes. What is going on?! Camden screws me over, but maybe he doesn…

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  • Case Study: The Meech Lake Accord

    Introduction The Canadian Constitution, also known as the supreme law, describe Canada’s process of both codified and uncodified traditions as well as convention. It allows for the division of powers between federal and provincial powers and encompasses the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. The Meech Lake Accord was the first attempt to amend the newly patriated Constitution in order to facilitate changes depicted by the Constitution Act, 1982. The Meech Lake Accord was a set of…

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  • Narrative Essay About Best Friends

    Best friends are the only thing in the world that stick by your side through the hard spells no matter what is occurring. They are the ones that tell you that look great in the morning, speak up for you when you do not, make you smile when no else can and they are the ones that love you for who you are. Best friends are a rarity just like diamonds and during my freshmen year of high school I met strangers that would soon become a fragment of myself and my family. These girls changed my life for…

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  • Kissing Flowers Monologue

    Kissing Flowers Now that I’m 16, grandma feels that I need to get out the house more. I work at the local clothing store downtown and I’m on the honor roll so, tonight I Decided to give it a shot. My older cousin, Karen, who is 16 as well, is taking me out to a party tonight. I’ve never been real big on partying because that’s all my mom did when she was pregnant with my little sister. “Mom you shouldn’t be drinking,” I said to her. She waddled around the house with a beer bottle in her…

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  • News Anchor Brian Williams Analysis

    receive push notifications from different media outlets. The most common way we trust receiving our news is to turn on the TV to a news anchor. However, there’s a need to question the integrity of a certain news reporter Brian Williams, an anchor for the NBC news. Williams came under fire for embellishing his role in a helicopter incident in Iraq, leading to his suspension. Furthermore, the suspension that NBC News handed to Mr. Williams was justifiable. This is because it damaged his…

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  • Nicholas Sparks Writing Style Analysis

    that he could no longer have children. All Ruth ever wanted was a family. She left Ira because he could no longer give her what she wanted. She ends up coming back because she realizes that Ira is all she needs in life. Marcia is Sophia’s best friend who goes to Wake Forest and lives in the sorority house with Sophia. Marica encourages her to attend a bull riding contest nearby. She is the reason that Sophia ever met Luke in the first place. She encourages Sophia to pursue Luke. Without her Luke…

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