Analysis Of The Big Here And Long Now By Brian Eno

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Everyone see the world depending on the prescription of their glasses, and those glasses vary from one person to another; affected by personal experiences, worldviews, culture, art, and most importantly, literature. “The Big Here and Long Now” by Brian Eno is a masterpiece that deals with two concepts that influence the way humans see the world. In this essay, here is not only a place or a position, it has a broader meaning that includes behavior, lifestyle, and mind. Likewise, now is not exclusively the present moment, it is extended to a time that our imagination cannot reach. Both concepts imply human ignorance and blindness towards the environment, surroundings, and future. During the past few weeks, the class of ENC1001 has been reading interesting poems and short stories. “Cathedral”, “Story of an Hour”, …show more content…
This man, that is the narrator of the story, is described as boring, antisocial, and close minded. With that information can be easily concluded that the narrator lives in a Small here. Small apartment, small job, and small life; trapped in a routine and ignorant of whatever is outside the limitations built by himself. In the story, the narrator meets Robert- an old blind man who recently lost his wife. Robert, on the contrary, seems to be happy, knowledgeable, and open to any kind of experience and feelings. The fact that he’s blind is not an obstacle for him. Robert lives in the Big Here. It is obvious by his responses towards the narrator sarcastic comments, and when he says “There’s a first time for everything.” The irony of this short story is that the blind man can “see” more than the narrator, probably because his concept of “Here” is broader. At the end of the story, both characters have an intimate mental connection, and the narrator apparently had an insightful and very personal moment that could lead to an expansion of his

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