Sexual Assault: A Short Story

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Your sister is relentlessly struggling from your sexual assault. Tears are flowing down her cheek and her mascara is ruining her beautiful complexion. It appears the alcohol she consumed is wearing off. It will be a hassle, if she remembers the the next day of her rape. Even more troubling, if she reports the rape to the police or your parents.

-You need to think of another solution to make her more gullible.

You release your hold on Katie's arms and sat beside her.

You smile pleasantly to Katie and act innocently. "Alright sis. We don't have to do this, I'm not going to force you." You kiss her on the cheek. "I do love you and I feel ashamed for assaulting you. You must think I'm a bad brother?"

Katie calmly relax and smile. "Oh big
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You can't control your urge and you desperately need to penetrate your sister. You place your cock near your sister's vagina and slam the full-length inside.

Katie had a distinct feeling something is missing, but she couldn't recall what it is. Her mind is dizzy and she's having a hard time focusing. Giggle. "Your cock feels so good big bro but umm, aren't we forgetting something?"

You laugh hysterically and continue to pound your raw-cock deep in her cervix. "Nope, we're not forgetting anything important." You tore off your sister's blouse and remove her bra. You suck on on her soft nipple and continue to ravish her pussy. "Ughh, your pussy feels so good and your breasts is fantastic. Don't worry about anything and enjoy my raw cock, you incest slut!"

Katie can't rationalize the situation she's in. She no longer cares and forgotten about protection. The intimate activity with her brother is driving her lustfully-wild.

"Oh god big bro. Your cock feel so good. Fuck my pussy harderrrr, make me cum like a dirty, incest, slut!" Katie scream out by her body lustful needs, but not by her own
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The drug you used on her works better than you expected. She's not just naive, but encourage you to assault her virgin pussy. Your cock throbbing uncontrollably by lack of protection.

The risk of your sister being impregnated excite you. "Ughhhh...Sis, I'm going to blow any minute. Tell me where you want my cum?!" You scream out in ecstasy.

Katie's unaware of what she's doing, but her body act accordingly to her lust. She locks her legs around you, her eyes roll back from the sensation of your penetration. "Fill my pussy up with your sperms. Umhm, I think it's okey big bro."

Your sister has lost her mind towards her own lust. You tests out the drugs affect and ask her something she'll never approve. "You want my cum that badly. How about getting knocked up, would you like that?"

She look up at you and smile. The drugs made her more agreeable.

Giggle. "I don't mind big bro. If you want to impregnate me, go right ahead. Ugh...just don't stop fucking me and shoot your cum in my needy cunt!"

That's all you need to hear from your drug, induced sister. You slam your cock in and out. Finally, you ejaculate torrent after torrent of your potent seed deep into your sister's ovulating

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