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Heading: Should I Wait Until After I Have Kids To Get Breast Implants?
Page-Title: Should I Wait Until After I Have Kids To Get Breast Implants?
Meta-Description: Should you wait until after you have kids to get breast implants? Find out what factors to help you decide when to schedule your breast augmentation procedure.

“Should I wait until I have children to get breast implants?”

Women in their childbearing years often ask us this question whenever they come in for a breast augmentation consultation. As we always, we give them a straight answer as soon as we understand their goals, family plans, and overall health.

In most cases, the answer to that question depends on when you plan to have children. If childbirth is part of your immediate future, such as a year from now, then it’s best to hold
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However, your choice of implant placement and incision can affect your ability to nurse. If you desire to breastfeed your baby when you give birth, let Dr. Sato know. She can recommend the most appropriate breast implant placement and incision for your special case.

• Breast implant results may change after pregnancy.
The results of your breast augmentation may change after you give birth, though this happens rarely. The majority of Dr. Sato’s are still satisfied with their results after they have given birth. Nevertheless, there are still factors that can affect the results after pregnancy, and they include your age during your pregnancy, the extent of your breast enlargement, the age of your implants during your pregnancy, and your breast tissues.

It’s All in the Mind
Despite the positive reports about the safety of breast implants for babies, there are still women who reported difficulty in breastfeed and conception after their procedures. The primary factor this is psychological. Women who fear that the implants might affect the health of their babies have issues with milk

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