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  • The Voyage Of Saint Brendan Analysis

    Voyage of Saint Brendan, which follows Saint Brendan and his brothers as they embark on their journey in search of the Promised Land of the Saints. Throughout their legendary seven-year journey, Brendan and his followers encounter an assortment of animals such as sheep, birds, a whale, and a devouring beast – all of which are allegories that allude to the central theme of the Last Judgment. This eschatological theme is conveyed through the helpful or threatening nature of these creatures,…

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  • The General Crime Analysis

    The General (1998) and the Opportunism of Crime: An Analysis of the Historical Rise of the Middle Class Prosperity in Ireland in the 1990s This film study will define the opportunism o crime in the film The General by John Boorman to describe the rise of an Irish middle class in a crime genre setting. Martin Cahill (Brendan Gleeson) is a leader of a gang of thieves that continually humiliates authority figures in the context of a trickster in the criminal underworld of Hollyfield, a slum in…

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  • State Boys Rebellion Video Analysis

    While watching the institutional videos, I could not help but think about how the residents felt while living in such horrible institutions. Throughout the clips, there was a common theme within each that the residents of institutions were not treated the same as many other civilians. The residents were treated horrible along with the conditions of the institutions being horrendous and unbearable for them. It was clear that the employees did not care about the residents. The videos on Pennhurst,…

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  • Analysis Of Murder State, By Brendan Lindsay

    In some schools across America, the mass murder of Native Americans in California during the nineteenth century is taught as an inevitable, necessary evil (Discussion). However, this notion is false. The mass murder of the Native Americans was systematic and calculated, carried out by white settlers through attacks on the lives, livelihoods, homes, and cultures of the natives. According to both Raphael Lemkin and the United Nations, these actions were genocidal. In the work, Murder State, by…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At St. Brendan Catholic Church

    The men and women I saw at St. Brendan Catholic church were from a diverse race. I saw a mixture of White, Black, Asian and Hispanic. The majority of the members seemed Asian. This made me realized that it was likely for an English church to have a diverse population than a non-English church because the English Language was common. In my Church, the services are in Spanish only which attracts mostly Hispanic people from central America, and Mexico. In St. Brendan church I saw how well the…

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  • Grand Opening Analysis

    In Jon Hassler’s Grand Opening, Brendan Foster learns to mature, he shows that becoming an adult is a conscious effort to right one’s wrongs and make peace with one’s foolishness. At first, all Brendan cares about is how others view him, he’s selfish and ignorant to others feelings. Brendan cannot let Dodger damage his developing image, he says: ‘We can’t be friends anymore.’ ‘We can’t? Why not?’ ‘Because.’ He chose not to accuse him of being a weight on his rising fortunes. ‘Just because.’…

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  • Abolishness In Jon Hassler's Grand Opening By Nathaniel Hawthorne

    In Jon Hassler’s Grand Opening, Brendan Foster proves that becoming an adult requires a conscious effort to right one's wrongs and make peace with one's foolishness. Brendan showed us that he was willing to betray a true friend in order to improve his status. We saw this when he ditched Dodger, “The more thought he gave it, the clearer it became that in order to be accepted by his glamorous classmates he would have to put a distance between himself and Dodger” (44). When Brendan saw that his…

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  • City Visit By Sheila Koreler Analysis

    that time working, rather spending time exploring his sexual orientation through intercourse of people of the same sex, the opposite sex, or even both, which could answer the following question asked by Kate; “Is it possible for a man to love both man and woman?” (478). The fact that Kate is, in a sense very naïve and knows so very little of Jan, means he has absolute freedom once he steps outside his house and he can fully explore himself as he is away. In Haslett’s story, Brendan deals with…

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  • A Poem To Summer By Ellen Hopkins

    hard to cope in her old life, She tried to find a connection to “the monster” Summer is almost over now, which means Kristina 's step-dad Scott, has a company picnic, which the whole family has to go to. At the company picnic Kristina struggles to hide her tattoo. Staying clear from her mother and stepfather, Kristina turns into Bree to hits on a lifeguard, Brendan, as well as Chase, a bad boy from school, in hope of finding herself a man and a little crank. After meeting the boys Kristina’s…

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  • Steven Avery Case Analysis

    and the trial and conviction of Brendan…

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