Cause And Effect Essay On Good Breaking Bad

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It is common to hear individuals with the hopes of starting a company or releasing a new product say that they are taking this step because they want to create a legacy for future generations. However, if everything goes wrong and they are unsuccessful, some pick themselves up and try again, while others end up working for another person and are bitter for the rest of their lives. This can get to a person 's head as the greed and the continual want for what they could have had, forces them to do other things to recover their money whether bad or good. If they put everything on the line and gamble for too long, this may end up backfiring with their whole legacy being destroyed in addition to breaking all the relationships and progress they have made. While not to many of these examples are seen in real life, this is the basis of the plot twisting and actions packed television series called Breaking Bad, where a caring high school teacher turns into …show more content…
Krazy-8 may be an ally at first but soon enough he forces Walter to show him the meth recipe at gunpoint. Luckily, enough Walter is able to trigger a chemical reactions which kills Krazy-8’s partner but not Krazy-8 himself. Krazy-8 is brought back the Jesse’s basement where Walter waits and contemplates on killing or saving him. After learning that Krazy-8 is planning to attack Walt with a shard of glass, he wait and hears Krazy-8’s apology before asking him: “The moment I do, are you gonna stick me with that broken piece of plate?”, but soon after killing him says “I 'm sorry...I 'm sorry...I 'm so sorry”(1.03). This scene is very sentimental as a viewer as they feel pity for Krazy-8 but at the same time they want Walter to succeed. Gillian purposely makes Krazy-8 try to attack Walter so he ends up not looking like the bad guy but instead Krazy-8. The viewer 's side with Walter because there is a sentimental feeling and hope that Walter be

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