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  • Descriptive Essay About A Place Dunkin Donuts

    across from the Walgreens, you will be looking at a ten-minute oil change place where many people go on a daily basis. Leaving the ten-minute oil change place, you can see a shell gas station. As you can see, the location of this particular Dunkin’ Donuts sets them up to have a good amount of clientele. People are always running errands so they are likely to buy something to eat if it’s right there. As you walk into Dunkin’ Donuts, you quickly find yourself enveloped by the sweet/ bitter smell of coffee and all of this establishments goodies. As you approach the cash registers you are given a variety of options to choose from which you can see on the menu just above the cash registers. There are beverages both hot and cold, they also have breakfast sandwiches of which you can customize to please your taste buds (Dunkin. D,2016). Once you’ve decided what it is that you want to eat, you can have a seat and enjoy your meal. What if you’re in a hurry and have no time to sit down and eat? No worries, you can pass through the complementary drive through. Pulling up to the drive through you will be greeted by a worker through a speaker machine that allows you and the worker to communicate so he/she can take your order. Just like if you walked inside you are provided with a big menu with all the variety of foods and drinks they have in store for you to choose from. This is both quick and effective because you get what you’re craving and you can take it to go with you wherever it is…

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  • Negative Arguments In Social Media

    The customer called the store and the manager gave him an excuse that the delivery driver had to drive to six other houses before his. The delivery person said that when he picked up the sandwich it was already a half hour late. The customer was “surprised they didn’t offer me anything to keep me as a customer, other than a lie”. Jimmy Johns responded to his post twenty minutes later saying that they screwed up and they owe him one. They gave a customer complaint email for him to send his…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Mission Trip To Nogales Mexico

    her face that had been sitting on the couch when we were driving up. She was more than delighted to open up her doors and allow us to prepare food for not only her but for everyone living there. First we had to make sure it was clean enough to make the food. So we kindly asked if we could clear the area where we wanted to set up the folding tables. These people were filled with joy, they were more then gladly to help move and clean things. Then with the help of my mother, some women formed an…

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  • Personal Narrative: 30 Class

    Tuesday, September 13th: Filled up my 2quart pitcher with some H2O when I woke up at about 8:30. I keep it next to me while I go over my class work and watch TV. It gets drank before my first class at 1:30. I always carry water with me to my classes, if I forget I stop by stars to buy one. Not often do I eat breakfast. For lunch I had a turkey sandwich on wheat, no cheese. For dinner I had some soup with a salad. I like cottage cheese with salad, so I skip dressing because that should hold it…

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  • Breakfast In Norway Essay

    what do we eat and when? Breakfast in Norway The most people in Norway, for example me, eats their breakfast early in the morning at weekdays. It depends on when our school or job begins. Most of us eats breakfast very early in the morning, for example between 6-8 in the morning. Most of us in Norway like to eat healthy food for our breakfast with energy that lasts for many hours. For breakfast I for example eat yoghurt, bread with cheese, ham or jam or cereal. Marked in yellow: avoid…

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  • Narrative Essay: A Personal Experience In High School

    Narrative Essay One tremendously windy Monday morning, the sky shifted gloomy shades of grey above my home in the land of 10,000 lakes: Minnesota. My loathsome alarm yet again woke me with its vexatious sound, as it does Monday through Friday. It took me an unpleasant 30 minutes to get myself out of bed and into the shower. After showering and picking out a nice cozy outfit, I dashed upstairs to grab a quick breakfast before heading to an early choir rehearsal. In a surprisingly pleasant turn…

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  • Case Study: Air Force Dining Training Quota Management Center

    Unfortunately, for the typical Coast Guard trainee, pay grades E-4 and E-5, the cost of a typical DFAC a-la-carte meal is very significant even compared to other individuals attending other training where commercial per diem is authorized. For instance, at a normal Coast Guard installation, IAW Ref (c), the galley offers various items for a set price of $2.55 for breakfast and $4.65 for lunch and dinner respectfully. In comparison, a DFAC offers meals from a menu where each item is marked up 133…

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  • The Importance Of Entrepreneurship Day

    welcome to Entrepreneurship Day. We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why? I am here to share the reasons why it is important to us. Breakfast literally means, “breaking the fast”. At night while you sleep your body is fasting, using stored energy to maintain heart rate, breathing and circulation. When you awake in the morning your body requires refueling, breakfast gives you this fuel as the first meal of your day. If you skip this meal your…

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  • David Miller's Home: A Short Story

    They were like any other family. The Miller Family had just bought a new 1.5 million dollar home in New Jersey; it was their dream home. David Miller was a surgeon at the Saint Barnabas Medical Center, his wife Mindy was a stay at home mom and they had one twelve-year-old boy named Thomas. Every day the Millers had the same routine: David woke up early and prepared breakfast for the family, eggs and ham for Thomas and oatmeal for his beloved wife. They discussed family matters over breakfast…

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  • Narrative Essay About Grandpa

    make me some food for breakfast please”. She replied, “Of course dear, go wait while I prepare it. I will call you when it 's ready”. So I left the office and ventured past the brown hallway, past the green kitchen, and into the blue upstairs living room where I jumped onto one of the green sofas and turned on the television happily. I flipped through the channels until one caught my eye, it was one of my favorite shows, tom and jerry. I watched the feeble and quick witted mouse outsmart the…

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