Steve Jobs: An Innovator?

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An innovator, immensely driven or perfectionist - Steve Jobs was considered to have all of these qualities and he had the drive to be the best. Though Jobs founded Apple purely with the idea to produce computers, the company later branched out to make many other successful products such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac as well. Steve Jobs creatively led Apple’s success with a drive and focus on harnessing technology to build innovative products that won customers by enriching experiences.
The history of computers is very fascinating to begin with. The first computer was created in 1938 by German engineer Konrad Zuse. The model was called the Z1 and was the first programmable binary computer ever. The next year, John Atanasoff, an American
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Steve Jobs embodied the commitment to innovation to change the culture from a more traditional process driven organization (Innovarsity). Jobs changed the organization by driving the company in a new direction with new ideas. Job’s philosophy was to change the way technology was developed and used throughout the world and he wanted to make products that the other major tech companies could not compete against. The impact of his philosophy simply outdid all the production of his competitors. Jobs focused on Apple’s products to create and deliver products that captured the consumer imagination. The most successful products at Apple were started with only a few people with no formal structure or hierarchy and little corporate oversight. Yet, “to turn really interesting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of discipline,” advised Steve Jobs (Innovarsity). Apple turned ordinary ideas into masterpieces that sold worldwide. This success was built on the Jobs and Wozniak’s computers in their garages. Even though Apple started with only two founders Steve Wozniak and Jobs, the company eventually turned into the most successful tech company in recent history. Apple built an effective innovation system to harnesses creativity in its people beginning with Steve Jobs to stimulate new ideas, streamline the design process, and launch …show more content…
When Steve Jobs thought about brand experience, he thought about simple design that would be recognizable. Sometimes the simplest designs will attract masses of customers. Everybody’s story is different; you can tell yours in a new innovative product whether it’s a problem you have always had or a serious obstacle you had to overcome. In the end, share your message with the world. The impact of the Seven Innovations Secrets of Steve Jobs is that these secrets propelled Steve Jobs to be the best.
Steve Jobs showed the world how he created a company that was successful, then almost went bankrupt and is now one of the wealthiest tech company in the world. Jobs was a mastermind in creating truly unique products which consumers would desire and use. He was a leader who challenged Apple employees to create products that he would approve, and made the teams go back to the drawing board until they delivered an innovative product. Although Steve Jobs was known as a tough person to work with, he was a visionary of how the digital future would need to

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