The Dilemma With Measuring Sin Analysis

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The Dilemma with Measuring Sin
This assignment covers a summary of three thoughts with two centered on reaching the lost with a message of Jesus Christ and another focused on the conversion experience from the works of three different authors. My effort in discovering a common theme to discuss was somewhat lost because of the direction in which each author approached sharing their information. However, in effort to complete a single cohesive flow I will discuss each situation independently and then close with a summary of all. I will however, intertwine deliberations that resonated in me why doing this assignment which on some occasions seemed to resonate across each piece of material. The Discipline of Grace My first discussion starts with
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I agree with Bridges in that all too often we move right into discipleship with new believers because we are more concerned about sustaining members. That is to say, while membership is important, we should also be reminding new believers often of the sacrificing love shown in the selfless act of Christ along with building them up to move from milk to meat. Nevertheless, regardless of having a good day or bad day, Christ has made it clear to us all that we all need his saving grace The Prodigal God The parable of the prodigal son is one of my favorites possibly because of how often it has been preached and how much I "thought" I knew all about its meaning. When I look back over my experiences I realize that many of our awesome preachers have all been focused on the returning son and never really given the older brother much thought. Author Timothy Keller has a very unusual and distinctive theological approach to presenting both sons as failures in the eyes of the Lord, which turns into a great lesson for the rulers of the day.
I was very intrigued after getting through the first three chapters. The thought that Christ was trying to show that disobedience to the father could be seen as a failure because of the younger son’s arrogance and rebellion towards tradition; was equal to the older brothers relentless to uphold ritual and routine was troubling
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U who was in search of more ways to fill a spiritually void in my life. Also I share in Kathy’s experience where a serious issue happened in life that drew me closer to Jesus in that the loss of my younger brother. Nevertheless, the only critique I would have is related to timing and material presentation. Putting anything down on paper for someone to follow is usually a bad idea because of our check box mentality. Meaning, if we know the steps then were quick to want to check the boxes of success and even more quick to say “we” achieved a specific goal. That makes for a recipe of counseling sessions for someone who checked a box but still experience challenges in

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