Reflection On Senior Practicum

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It’s hard to believe that I am six weeks into my senior practicum especially when it feels like I was just walking in nervous yesterday. I received my first visit from my field instructor this week and I believe it went really well. I am glad that my supervisor is impressed with what I have accomplished. I am also glad that my field instructor was impressed with Shepherd’s Shelter Ross Rehab. I have learned a lot in six weeks about my agency and I know there is still more to learn as my journey at my agency continues.

I did some brainstorming this week about what I want to do my research project on. It’s hard because there are so many different topics to write on especially when it comes to a substance abuse treatment center. I could do
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I also felt like I couldn’t stop sweating no matter how many times I fanned myself. My interview with my client was a true learning experience and I had to stop myself from going “Whoa!” when the client answered certain questions. I had learned some things about my client when she would talk in class and tell other clients parts of her story. At the end of the interview the only one I could find to describe what I was feeling was overwhelmed.

I wasn’t overwhelmed in a bad way. I just believe the information I got was a lot to take in because this is my first time dealing with the substance abuse population. My first agency dealt with elementary kids. My second agency dealt with more the medical field and some of the policies doctor’s offices use. The substance abuse population is very different from the other two. At my first agency, parents were enrolling their kids for kindergarten. The client I interviewed stated that she used her first drug at 12 with her
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One of the most important lessons I got during my first year in social work courses is that it’s not about what’s best for me, but what’s best for the client.

My bio psych interview was a lot to take in and even my mom could tell when I talked to her phone during lunch, but I know that is a small part of social work. There could be days where every client I sit down with tells me something that blows me away, but I know that the tools and knowledge I am learning will help me understand and deal with each client in the best way I can instead of finding a “backup client”. I am so glad that I interviewed my original client for my assignment. My client was so open that she said I could use her real name but she understood that was against the rules of my

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