The Black Boys With White Girls

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a few black boys when with white girls. when the whites people found out about it, the girl would always say, the black boy make her do it.if the black boy wanted to live another day, he had to leave town that night and never came back again. sometimes the boy’s family suffer for his action. it was and still is a small town, everyone knew everybody black and white, but we didn 't go to school together.
3. It was a good place to live and grow up. I am so glad I was raised there, after I saw how other kids was raised and lived. I didn’t mind being a country boy (smile). My family and I lived in a two room house. no running water and no indoor bathroom. one room was for cooking and eating, the other room was for sleeping. there were no gas, mother cooked on a wood stove and the house was heated with a wood stove also. we took a bath in a large tub, we had an out- house in the back yard. we use it during the day. At night we used a butt< david. at the age of 60th and retire, she would get two lovable boys. she is a long way from home, but life takes use that way sometime.we miss her on hoildays and when things happy in the family.she still 10. comes home every five years.i love my sister and her family. robert jr.-is my youngest and only brother, he was name after daddy.every- one couldn’t understand why i wasn’t name after my father,i was the first boy. everyone said they wanted me to be name after my grandfather, ervin melton i was.

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