Reflection On Creating The Creative Project And Presentation

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I have taken the class “Introduction of Theatre.” I was surprised that we all are required to do the creative project and presentation. The professor assigned every student to choose the topic relating to class materials and inspiring us as well. It was very hard to decide when I initially thought about it because there are many areas of theatre materials that are interesting. Throughout the whole paper, I would present the process and the significant reflection on creating the creative project and presentation.
When I received the assignment of creative project and presentation from the professor, I was concerned how I should do in order to satisfy professor’s expectation. She was very flexible with students to decide whatever they wanted,
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Then, we found the way to present the theatre material further than creating the play for taking the final exam. There are many kinds of ideas and concepts we could bring to present. Thus, the play would be focused on the theatre element structure of sound and music. Afterward, we added the main concept for using the sound and music, and we would do the emotional situation occurring during the final exam with using different emotional sounds. The play basically has two characters, which are, the professor and the college student performing on the final exam day. The play shows the style of realism with the personal struggle in a specific character as student. We created the play that breaks the fourth wall to have audiences get involved and a sense of actual event. The audiences could also understand what is going on and some points /or scenes relate to their …show more content…
We had got nervous and anxious all the time before presenting, and felt the most ready to do presentation for the coming time. Many groups did very great on their creative projects and presentations. They received the applause, smile faces, and funny feedback. The play started with the student entered the exam room with confidence and preparation. At the specific time, we used an emotional sound to particularly show how much confident the student had. He walked through the room to the professor to get the exam paper, and then he sat down. The sound was still slow to present the common situation. He could do the exam very fluency. Until the rush time, he didn’t have enough time to complete the exam, in addition to, the language situation. He could not understand the instruction of the exam. He felt like his ability of English skills becomes the major problem for taking the final exam. The sound turned to be the rocky fast rhythm. He began to get anxious and worried with the sound. When the time was up, he handed back the final exam paper to the professor. The professor gave him the result of the exam which he failed on the exam. The sound started to be a slow-sad rhythm. He went out the room with the emotion suffering with the unprecedented condition and the

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