An Essay On Haitian Culture

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Haiti is one of a Caribbean island. Haiti shares an island with Dominican Republic a Hispanic island. Haiti had at least 1.5 million people that left the country because how the government is set up. Haiti is a unique country because of their population and their sport, Soccer. Haiti Culture is one of the most importance’s in Caribbean Island. It has festivals, Carnival, Mardi gras, Haitian music, floats, showcase and more. In Haiti’s Artistic they use light colors which makes it native in their perspective. Their art shows humor and symbols of their country. Haiti was inhabited by Tanio, an Arawaken people. Haiti is known for cocoa, coconuts, and avocado. Haiti’s climate is tropical which is good for you to go the nice breezy beach. Haiti was original named La Isla Esponia by …show more content…
Papa Doc was a brutal leader that had a son so when he passed away it will go to him. Papa Doc was president for 13 years and Baby Doc for 65 years. Papa Doc was supposed to be sentence to life because of embezzlement or corruption but they didn’t plead him guilty and then his son died because of a heart attack on October 4. Haitians are known for a lot of things in America know of days. Haitians in Florida are known for doctors, Soccer and lawyers and more. Haiti was the 2nd country after America in 1783. Haitians are one of the most people to come immigrant to America because of how America was an independent country. Haiti is a Caribbean island that was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. 2010 Haiti had a disaster of an earthquake which a high percentage of orphans of any country. The 1.5 million people left Haiti and only 53 percent can read and right. Being invovled in Haiti's culture is good. Hatians are different from Americans. Haiti is a beautiful carribeing island even though they go through everything they still find a ways to be the strongest and make sure people have

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