Sometimes The Earth Is Cruel By Leonard Pitts Analysis

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Bad Things Happen to Good People
“The Discussion of Earth is Cruel” In the article written by Leonard Pitts called Sometimes the Earth is Cruel, he explains how the earth can be cruel to people that don’t have the privileges that some people who have money. In this article Leonard explains all the tragic things that has happened to the little town of Haiti. The thing that makes these people less privileged is that they are very poor and they have a history for having political instability. Another thing that Leonard states about how the earth is cruel is how the bad weather will always hit the places that have less money or don’t have stability in their society. In the article Sometimes the Earth is Cruel by Leonard Pitts states how after
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In Leonard's article, Sometimes the Earth is Cruel he stated, “After 1994, when Tropical Storm Gordon killed several hundred people, after 1998, when Hurricane Georges swept away over 500 lives, after 2004, when the rains of Tropical Storm Jeanne claimed over 2,000 souls, after 2005, when Hurricane Dennis took 25 lives in July and Tropical Storm Alpha snatched 17 in October, followed by Hurricane Wilma which stole 11 more, after the double whammy of Hurricanes Fay and Gustav in 2008 killed over 130 people and destroyed over 3,100 homes, after all that, comes this latest insult -- and a death toll officials cannot begin to even imagine. Perhaps as many as 100,000, they were saying on Wednesday.” Leonard says this in his article because he wants to inform the readers how many have been killed from the tropical storms that have happened in Haiti. Leonard wants to show how many people have been killed from these tragic things that have happened because he wants the readers to know how many people have lost their lives in Haiti. As can be seen in the article Sometimes the Earth is Cruel Leonard wants to show how many lives have been lost in the poor town of

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