Cause And Effects Of Hurricanes

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All over the world, natural disasters affect the lives of human beings. Hurricanes are one of these. Hurricanes are “named for Huracan, the Carib god of evil” (Rosenberg 1). These storms blow violent winds and ravage everything in their path. Hurricanes destroy property, land, and lives of the people that are affected by them. However, hurricanes can often bring out the best in people. In times of isolation and despair after a hurricane, people come together. Race, social class, and religion no longer matter in this time of hopelessness. The world comes together and brings out the best of our country. Hurricanes are ghastly occurrences that destroy the lives and property of many, but an inner light keeps hope among the people.
A hurricane
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“Electrical lines and phone lines were down across the city, cutting off communication between victims and rescue workers” (Palser 34). Many people had called before the lines had been cut off, but nobody had come to their rescue. Hospitals lost electricity and could not use any medical equipment. Temperatures in the hospitals reached over 110 degrees Fahrenheit and people began to die. People were trying to reach family members in other states and cities to see if they were safe but had no form of communications to reach these people. The people of New Orleans felt isolated and abandoned. People in the city had no idea why help wasn’t coming to relieve them (Palser …show more content…
What starts off as a minor storm in the ocean can become a killer by the time it reaches land. Hurricanes are a cause of nature that leaves effects all over the world. Whether it be the death of loved ones, a lost home, losing a job, or losing a school, hurricanes affect everyone in the area they enter. Hurricanes are a force of nature and cannot be stopped. The only thing people can do when a hurricane is going their way is to leave and hope for the best. Also, when the hurricane is severe enough, it is up to the nation to respond and help those greatly affected by this

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