Essay On Hurricane Of 1938

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Hurricanes are powerful forces of nature that can destroy houses, towns and if powerful enough, multiple cities. Recent hurricanes like Hugo, Katrina and Andrew, are powerful and do leave a mark, but a forgotten hurricane of 1938 still shocks many of the people who survived the living nightmare. Weather, human error, and impact is what made that hurricane so powerful. 682 people died during that storm, and that could’ve been avoided, but how?
Weather is also a key factor, considering the hurricane of 1938 is a weather phenomenon. The hurricane grew up on the coast of Africa next to the Cape Verde islands. The islands are on top of a deep warm ocean, perfect for hurricanes to form off. The hurricane then moved off in Florida's direction, but took an unexpected turn and headed up north. The source (youtube video) states that everybody thought the hurricane would eventually move back out to sea and die down, but the currents would not let that happen. It is a known that cold water will make a hurricane die down, but that was not the case this time. The cold water actually fueled the hurricane on while the currents dragged it toward land, and as the hurricane got closer to land storm surges started to rise up. A storm surge is a swell of water that surrounds you on three sides. The water has nowhere else to go so
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The hurricane of 1938 sure did pack a punch. Because of this deadly hurricane, 682 were left people dead, and 433 of them were from Rhode island. The hurricane destroyed 1,000 miles of land, washed out houses and people to sea, and caused devastation for all of the people's families. Although many negative effects were in place, some positive ones were too! The hurricane caused the weather stations to improve their weather forecasting devices and send out warnings more efficiently. As for the people of New England? They were more prepared if something like that was so ever happen

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