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  • Sita Sings The Blues

    It was the first time that I heard and watched this movie---Sita sings the Blues. This animated movie won the best-animated feature on the Annecy International animation festival, and it also got the award nomination of the independent spirit of the 24th American independent filmfest. There is no doubt that this film is a wonderful film otherwise it cannot win and get these honors and awards and the focus from so many people around the world. But there are still many people think this film is a ridiculous drama and it spins the truth of the Rama story, especially from someone who calls themselves Hindutva. Regardless of what commends or critics from others, as for me, I think this film is a really great and novel film that also shows the respect of Hindus cultures combined with some personal ideas and stories. The total film was combined with 2 lines: the first line was about the Rama’s life story that based on the Ramayana. Nina Paley, the filmmaker, used a colorful depicts way that coalesced the modern realism with the American popular cartoon styles, and then matched it with Annette Abraham Shaw’s blues trills. I think Paley’s use of the modern ways and technique to tell a beautiful and classical story of Hindus religious was really appealing and fantastic. From another aspect, it was much easier for our publics and some people who lacked the knowledge of Hinduism to enjoy and understand the connotations and contents of the Hinduism religious. This modern elements and…

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  • Chandragupta Maury Founder Of The Mauryan Dynasty

    A battle was announced and the Magadhan army was drawn from the city to a distant battlefield to engage Maurya's forces. Meanwhile, Maurya's general and spies bribed the Nanda's corrupt general and created an atmosphere of civil war in the kingdom, which culminated in the death of the heir to the throne. Upon the civil unrest in the kingdom, Nanda resigned and disappeared into exile. Chanakya contacted the prime minister, Rakshasa, and convinced him that his loyalty was to Magadha, not to the…

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  • Significance Of Diwali

    the throne and hand the reign over to his eldest son Rama, the other Queen Kaikeyi desired for her son to be the next king instead of Rama and to fulfil this desire, Queen Kaikeyi used the vows King Dashrath once made to her. These two vows were; her son will be the next King of Ayodhya even though Rama was the eldest and Rama would be exiled with his wife Sita, to the forest for fourteen years. Queen Kaikeyi’s son, Bharata was against this wrong doing as Rama was the next rightful king of…

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  • Mythical Elements In R. K. Narayan Man Eater Of Malgudi

    At the end Vasu dies like Bhasmasura with a blow of his first on his own head and the novel concludes with the words of Sastri as, “Every demon appears in the world with a special boon of indestructibility. Yet the universe has survived all the Rakshasa that were ever born. Every demon carries within him, unknown to himself, a tiny seed of self destruction and goes up in thin air at the most unexpected moment. Otherwise what is to happen to humanity? He narrated again for Nataraj’s benefit the…

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  • Prejudice Against Women In The Ramayana

    Shurpanakha for marrying a Danava the affirmed enemies of Rakshasas and was about to punish her but Mandodari conviced him to respect the wish of his sister,thus Ravana accepted Shupanakha, her husband and danavas as relatives officially.At the time of conquering Rasatala (the underworld), her brother, Ravanadecided to visit her newly married sister,where he confronts Vidyutjihva's true motives to marry Shurpanakha to kill Ravana,in Shurpanakha's absence Vidyutjihva attacked Ravana in defence he…

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  • The Ideal Society In Ramayana And Plato's The Republic

    in order for true justice. Plato says that “desires in the common many are mastered by the desires and the prudence in the more decent few.” (109). Both of these authors saw desire as a dangerous thing, capable of throwing a soul out of balance. The ideal individual would keep a balanced life. Plato also defines justice as the result of individual specialization, where each citizen in a perfect city would fill the function that they were best suited for (Plato). While Plato saw this as good in…

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  • Sajivini Vidya Analysis

    A key element in its plot is the Sanjivini Vidya – the art of reviving the dead which promises release from the limitations of the fleeting life this self is trapped in. The gods and the rakshasas have been killing each other from the beginning of time for the possession of this art. Humans have been struggling to master it. Sadly, we aspire to become immortal but cannot achieve the lucidity necessary to understand eternity. Death eludes definition. Time coils into a loop, reversing the order of…

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  • Essay On Neolithic Women

    their own heirs. And while the need of marriage was strictly a social need. As Christianity grew, they tried to love in an agape way, or to love their spouse the same way they would love God, a romantic love, where they loved the women for her instead of just a physical attachment. In India, most marriages were arranged in one of the with types of marriages recognized. Author Reilly lists them as, “Brahma, the giving of a daughter by her father to the groom he has chosen; prajapatya, the giving…

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  • Ikshvaku Essay

    Saryatas. Ikshvaku was the first king of Ayodhya, and his father, Manu Vaivasvata, gave him Madhyadesa. He had 100 sons of whom Vikuksi, Danda and Nimi were the most famous. Vikukshi succeeded Ikshvaku in the Ayodhya line of kings, while Nimi established the Videha line. 7th in descent from Vikukshi and the son of Yuvanashva was Sravasta, the founder of the city of Sravasti, the capital of Northern Kosala. The Dandaka forest is said to have been named after Danda, the third son of Ikshvaku. It…

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  • The Ramayana And The Role Of Dharma

    not let the woman influence him. Kamali insisted on becoming Ramas lover, and thought that if she could not get Rama to fall for him that she would remove Sita from him, and this would ultimately lead him to taking her. So she attempted to sneak up on Sita, but Lakshamana noticed the act and intervened, although sparring her life he chopped off her nose ears and breasts. Kamali then confronts Rama and threatens him by saying that her brother and his kinsmen are “ruthless” and that they would be…

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