The Influence Of Reality TV

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Reality television is one of the biggest sensations across the world, but it is important to look at the reasons behind its great success in terms of production. First, it is significantly cheaper to create in contrast to scripted network comedies and dramas due to unknown cast members, fewer writers, and an extremely large amount of product placement. Next, shows can earn additional revenue through iTunes downloads, album sales, and tour tickets that draw people closer to the series. Finally, due to editing and casting, the scenes are often more dramatic than in reality, but contain emotional cast members that viewers can relate to in their own lives.
During the past decade, reality TV has rapidly taken over networks for many reasons, but
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Producers generally have the last word on what is aired and manipulate, or Frankenbite, fragments of interview material into manufactured dialogue. In order to develop storylines, they will often ask cast members about their latest life events so they can create the ideal and marketable situation that drives the plot. Some scenes shown on television may not have occurred in reality without the assistance of the producers, but are considered “necessary” to enhance the storyline (Jerpi). Furthermore, events on screen sometimes did not even occur in real life, such as how editors used Frankenbiting in order to make it sound like two contestants were having intimate moments in the woods on Joe Millionaire, when it was truly just bits of audio stitched together (Eunson). In addition, casting is one of the most significant aspects of reality television. Producers are known to select talent that will surely stir up controversy and cause drama on the series, therefore increasing the ratings. For example, the producer of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo stated, “As long as you have good characters…that’s when people get invested…literally you’re finding the craziest people ever…you need big personalities and have to find people who are genuine yet compelling” (Jerpi). Additionally, producers tend to look for cast members with strong emotions, such as anxiety or rage, in order to increase the entertainment value. This allows the viewers to connect with the cast members and be drawn into the program week after week

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