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  • Kardashian Pop Culture

    Society today is unlike anything the Earth has ever experienced. Living amongst a “Technological Era” has admitted us to freely witness the enviable lives of millions around the world. Tragically, it’s no surprise that it’s predominantly our younger generation that are so heavily influenced by our “Big Brother”, the USA. His “celebrity culture” allows insight into all facets of a life in the fast lane. Movies, magazines and the dominant force of social media are all means by which he coerces us…

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  • Stereotypes Of Reality TV

    or emergency services; more recently, reality TV is associated with anything and everything, from people to pets, from birth to death" (Hill 41). Hill’s observations showcase how reality television evolved throughout time. Reality TV swept modern American society, especially during the start of the 21st century. The genre unsurprisingly found great success amongst a variety of viewers considering there seems to be a reality show for every imaginable subject. They come in many categories such as…

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  • Child Abuse In Tlc's Here Comes Honey Boo

    In the past centuries, reality TV shows has become one of the most common forms of entertainment in the many households. “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is a popular reality TV show aired by TLC, featuring a “Toddlers and Tiaras” star Alana Thompson, who is well known as the ‘Honey Boo Boo Child’ by many, and her “redneck” family as they screen their daily life in rural Georgian. The show was thought to be one of the most controversial reality TV shows of all time and although the TV show series…

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  • Sitcoms In Friends And How I Met Your Mother

    “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother” analysis Introduction Sitcoms are a popular form of modern entertainment, for their wits, and their depiction of real life experiences in a humorous manner. While viewer preference determines the popularity of such shows, producers make sure they enrich elements such as plot, theme, characters and an interesting story line to attract an even bigger audience. Fans always connect with a show, and it becomes popular if it reflects a certain aspect of their…

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  • Reality Tv Pros And Cons

    would easily create an example of how reality TV makes younger girls feel uncomfortable about their own body. According to Sid Kirchheimer,” Thinness is a recipe for eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia nervous, which affect some 8 million Americans, primarily teenage girls, and young woman.” Yet, with this in mind, people still praise being skinny. Praising being skinny as the only acceptable look puts expectations in younger…

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  • Qualities That Make Me Unique Essay

    Everybody has different strengths and imperfections that make them unique. Some traits that make me unique are my cooperation and independence, the fact that I can be very demanding, my athleticism and my impatience. A lot of people may have some qualities in common, but everybody is their own unique individual. Throughout your life you will start developing and/or losing different qualities that will alter who you are as a person. There are also some qualities that you have as a child that will…

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  • In Yer Ear Research Paper

    In Yer Ear What does it take to get discovered in the world of entertainment? Over the past few years a popular program has swept across the globe which first debuted in the US. In the summer of 2006 America’s Got Talent hit the airwaves as the stage for anyone who thought they had what it took to compete for a million-dollar prize and stardom. Now there are programs in the United Kingdom, Asia and several European countries which celebrate their cultures and masses of talented individuals.…

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  • Agenda Setting Summary

    This article was interesting to me because it taught me that even minor aspects could have a huge impact on a show and whether it will succeed or tank. I thought it was interesting that the time slot of a show can have a heavy impact on viewers and ratings. Thursday night is a popular night for TV already, ABC has some of their most popular hits such as Grey’s Anatomy which has , NBC has the NFL games, like the article pointed out and Fox now has this family drama to get thrown into the mix.…

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  • Celebrity Obsession Analysis

    Celebrities live in an entirely different world and they summon people’s yearnings to love, admire, copy, and gossip. The public sense a feeling of friendship by the familiar faces we see. The more a person sees certain faces, the more a person’s brain enjoys it. Furthermore, it does not matter if the face is attractive or not, it is known as “the exposure effect.” Individuals have a fixation with status. There are definite human traits that are universally recognized as beautiful such as…

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  • Celebrities And Pop Culture Essay

    determine what makes a celebrity an idol. Oddly, 55.5 percent of people in the study idolized someone who was the opposite gender (Lin). 66.8 percent of the idols were in the entertainment industry, 10.1 percent of the idols were not celebrities (family, friends, etc), 10.7 percent were fictional characters (superheroes), 4.8 percent were entrepreneurs, 4.6 percent were intellectuals, and 3 percent were politicians (Lin). The adolescents mostly looked at if their potential idol was good looking,…

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