African American Film Essay

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successes and some failures regarding stopping productions and limiting the audience for others.” (Larson, S, pg. 42). Considering the advancements and strives made in African American film, the failure to enforce cast integration for films that portray or represent African Americans is a limitation set for actors and actresses in the industry. There are several well-known actresses that could have been casted for the part, for instance Viola Davis. At some level it’s not the responsibility of the production company rather the industry workers and those who support them (actors, actresses and moviegoers). “Accountability to the community take precedence over training for an industry that maligns and exploits, revitalizes and invisisbilizes …show more content…
41). It sad but the African American race has adopted the issue with dark vs. light skin which spills over in the film and acting industry. ” The schism reaches back to the days of "house" and "field" slaves--when the first African-Americans were segregated even from one another--and persists today in distinctions between light- and dark-skinned blacks.” (Svetkey, B, Watson, M, Wheat, A, pg. 1 2009). It’s safe to say that the distinction between African Americans will continue if demands of equality are not being address to society as a whole not just the film industry.

Stereotypes within the African American film industry are forever living and depicted on film whether it be from African American or other races. The ridiculing of African Americans on film is nothing new to society and it still continues in films to date and limits the type of opportunities extended to African American actors and actresses. Take Tyler Perry’s movies on Madea. Medea who is thought to, “have connections to the old mammy type. She 's mammy-like. If a white director put out this product, the black audience would be appalled.” (Donald Bogle, pg 1). The mammy stereotype has often been used in films since the Civil Right movement and it’s a

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