Diary Of A Mad Black Woman Analysis

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The film Diary of a Mad Black Woman written by Tyler Perry and released in theatres in the year 2005 tells the story of a woman, Helen McCarter, whom after 18 years of marriage to her husband, Charles McCarter, is notified that she is being left for another woman and savagely thrown out of her home. Helen, with neither work experience nor money turns to her grandmother Mabel Simmons, but commonly referred to as Madea. Helen, over the course of several months finds herself going through the several phases of grief in order to get past the cruel mistreatment of her husband while also trying to find herself after his gross and negligent misconduct. As Helen begins to find herself she also finds love in an unlikely source, a man by the name of Orlando whom she originally met as the man paid to drive her around in a U-Haul after being thrown out from her home. The movie depicts that Helens life is coming together, she has a job, friends, and love in a ‘good man’ however, as often shown in cinematic features good things don’t last for long. On the morning where Orlando proposes to Helen, she sees on the news that her estranged husband Charles has been shot, she immediately rushes to the hospital. While at the Hospital Helen is met with Brenda, the woman Charles …show more content…
Namely in the way the characters are written. One of the key the concepts talked about in the article is the stereotypes that have been applied to black women in media for decades. There is the diva, the nurturing mammy, the loud mouthed sapphire, and the oversexed jezebel. Just listing these name automatically after viewing the film, each characters roles are painfully obvious. Helen, the diva, Helens mother as the nurturing mammy, Madea as the loud mouthed sapphire, and Brenda as the oversexed

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