Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Analysis

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The Entertainment Industry plays a huge role in our culture and society today. It is a tool that can be used to inform, voice opinions, and promote products using hidden advertising and product placement. The entertainment industry is very powerful and influential to its audiences. One obligation that the entertainment industry has failed to provide is the politically correct portrayal of minority actors. It is argued that the dominate race in the entertainment industry is white actors, which poorly represents the racial makeup of our society. To describe these points an analysis of the movie Spider-Man Homecoming was administered. First, the paper starts with a summary of the movies plot. The paper then examines the main theme of the movie, more importantly the politically correct use of diversity in the entertainment industry. Next, the paper examines how Audi and Dell are used as product placements throughout the movie. Finally, it will be shown that the movie portrays minorities as equals, not just supporting roles and stereotypes and that the growing population of minorities in America are underrepresented in media.
Spider-Man Homecoming is
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In previous Marvel franchises they have been quick to give white men control of the stories, who then dominate the whole franchise. Whereas Peter Parker is from Queens, New York, which is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in our country. And the director and producer of the movie made sure to illustrate Queens with its true diverse population. The lack of diversity in the entertainment industry has been the main source of conversations the past few years. Many big movies do cast minority actors in them, but they are brought in as supporting roles, or portrayed as a stereotype. Unlike the casting in Spider-Man Homecoming where it’s cast is full of diversity and that diversity in big movies was what would look normal in our world

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