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  • Personal Narrative: My Grandfather's Legacy

    He didn 't really like it or take it seriously at first. When he was in the seventh grade, he remembers that his mother, while preparing supper, spoke to his father and said, "if Jack didn 't settle down and become more focused" that she, "doubted he would be able to enter college let alone graduate from college. " Shortly thereafter, he challenged her statement. My grandfather decided not to live by that statement or to let that bring him down, but to the contrary, decided to disprove her prediction. He got through junior high with little harm, and went to North High school. He was very popular and a good student. He was even voted king of the winter formal dance. As a teenager, he read the daily Akron Beacon Journal. He liked the real estate section, stock pages, and the classified ads. That might seem weird for teenager, but it interested him. In ninth grade he studied Latin, which helped him to understand how the English language worked more…

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  • Life Cereal Commercial Analysis

    Many families from the seventies and eighties remember Mikey, a young boy featured in a Life cereal commercial first shown in 1972 that aired until 1984 (Ng, 2001). "Mikey likes it!" depicts three brothers seated at the breakfast table with a large bowl of Life Cereal sitting on the table in front of them. The two older brothers discuss that the cereal is supposed to be healthy, but are unsure of how it will taste and neither brother wants to be the first to try it. The two come up with an idea…

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  • Informative Essay: How Coaches Have The Power To Change Lives

    them the mindset that hard work far exceeds reliance on natural abilities. To see the way Coach Beal has affected his athletes has reaffirmed my value that I should always place the development of the athletes over winning. I can see that an emphasis is necessary on creating good humans and good citizens to have a good impact in their lives and not on the temporary satisfaction of winning. I will try to instill positive values of cooperation, leadership, acceptance, and effort in all my athletes…

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  • Themes Of Motherhood In Sylvia Plath's Morning Song

    Sylvia Plath’s “Morning Song” explores a mother’s complex emotions towards her newborn child after giving birth for the first time. Although motherhood is often regarded as a joyous event that gives a woman’s life purpose and meaning, “Morning Song” instead depicts motherhood as a complicated event fraught with uncertainty and fear, but also with love and affection. Rather than expressing overwhelming love and happiness, the mother in the poem feels distant from her child and gradually learns to…

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  • Personal Narrative: Life Lessons In My Life

    need to. But also I have to set a good example for my sisters because they look up to me. Some of them want to be me because they think that everything that I do is perfect. The reasons for attending Akron is a different story. I first wanted to attend Duke University but there was a $89 application fee and my ACT score was 21 so I was scared to get rejected by my dream school. So next was OSU which was great because my friend Joe was going there and we could hang out but at my school we use a…

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  • Classroom Observation And Program Analysis

    the end of my sophomore year and it felt like I was just beginning to adapt to the high school life. I get called down to the office, as I guess I am going to discuss my schedule for next year with my counsellor. Instead, she informed me about a program that was interested in me. The program, named JLA (Junior Leadership Akron), is a non-profit that provides monthly leadership and community exposure to high school juniors from public and private schools in the Akron area. After contemplating the…

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  • A Career In Chemistry

    shocked by how few Polymer Science programs there are in universities nationally and internationally. My google search for Polymer Science programs lead me straight to the University of Akron. True understanding of polymers relies on their characterization, and so Professor Chrys Wesdemiotis’ research…

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  • Personal Narrative: Better To Be Ahead

    Better to Be Ahead I have been doing the same routine for the last 12 years now, wake up at the crack of dawn, rush to get myself ready and try to look at least a little presentable. I’d get to school and have to listen to the teachers lecture us about how we aren’t going anywhere in life and have to put up with immature kids who just want to mess around at school all day. I put up with all of this all because I want a good education and to be able to make my family proud. “What are you…

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  • Essay On Softball

    It was a good day for a softball game, maybe a little warm but not too windy. We had traveled all the way to Akron to play one of the best teams in the state. Our hopes were not very high as we readied ourselves for the task we were about to perform. The JV game was skipped due to some missing players on our team, so the Akron JV team just scrimmaged each other. This kind of annoyed us because we just wanted to get the Varsity game over with. Eventually they finished up, and the field was…

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  • Social Psychology Research: Male Body Image And Muscularity

    Ronald F. Levant at the University of Akron and Dr. Ryon McDermott at the University of South Alabama, the study Masculinity, Identity, and Mental Health assess the validity of the Male Role Norms Inventory-Short Form (MRNI-SF), a measure of masculinity, through its relationship to measures of reference group identity and mental health/substance use (The University of Akron, 2015). It is theorized in the Reference Group Identity Theory that men are dependent on a reference group for their gender…

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