Why Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Why performance enhancing drugs should not be banned in sports.

Performance enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids, blood doping and hGH(human Growth Hormone) have been found to be used in sports since as early as 776BCLee, (Yu-Hsuan, 2006), where the Ancient Greeks used opium juice in the early Olympics for an advantage in their sport (Sportsanddrugs.procon.org, 2016). PED’s have the potential to drastically alter the state of the human body(Health.nsw.gov.au, 2016). Athletes in today’s generation of sports use PED’s to increase strength, speed, size and even stamina(Health.nsw.gov.au, 2016). There are a couple reasons why athletes chose to use PED’s but as for elite athletes, where there is a high chance of being caught, there is only unreason for them to use it, which is to win. These performance enhancing drugs are banned in every sport except for some bodybuilding competitions, such as Mr. Olympia and IFBB, where the committee who hold these competitions almost turn a blind eye towards the competitors (Sportsanddrugs.procon.org, 2016). Using the topics of health risks, coercion, athletes as role models and using PED’s under medical guidance, this essay will argue the cause for why Performance Enhancing Drugs should be allowed in elite sports competitions.

The three most popular PED’s are anabolic steroids, hGH and blood doping. Anabolic steroids are drugs that are derived from testosterone, which is a male hormone(CNN Library - 2016). These can be absorbed…

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