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  • Intussusception Case Study Essay

    Case 2 45 y.o. African American male with an intussusception Brandi Weaver, PA-S Bethel University History of Present Illness On 8/3/2015 a 45 year old African American male presented to the ER with a chief compliant of diffuse abdominal pain and trouble having a bowel movement. The patient stated that he was experiencing rectal pain with bloody stools. He also complained of feeling his bowels pulling. The patient stated that he has lost roughly 40 pounds in the past month without trying to…

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  • Low Body Mass Index

    Article Review Link: http://www.medsci.org/v13p0749.pdf Title: The title of the article I am reviewing is “Lower Body Mass Index is a Risk Factor for In-Hospital Mortality of Elderly Japanese Patients Treated with Ampicillin /sulbactam” Abstract: Main objective and results of the article review: not specific (Consists of objectives, methods, results, and conclusion) This scientific journal articles delves into the relationship between patients hospitalized with bacterial infections and their…

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  • Case Study Of Ventricular Defects (VSD)

    ventricular hypertrophy and an echocardiogram shows VSD, obstruction of pulmonary outflow, an overriding aorta, and the size of the pulmonary arteries. Anatomic defects are made visible be cardiac catheterization and blood tests will show high levels of hematocrit and hemoglobin and an increased clotting time (Ball & Bindler,…

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  • Respiratory Therapy Case Study

    Case study Amber W. Hendrix MMTC Author Note Case Study for RT 242 Respiratory Therapy Clinical II Peritoneal Tuberculosis I never got to speak directly to my case study. She was intubated when I first became aware of her case and she failed all attempts at weaning from the vent before she died. There was regrettably also a language barrier with the majority of her family as they spoke Haitian Creole which has roots in Portuguese, Spanish, Taino, and West African languages, which left me limited…

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  • Cp Essay

    CRP was identified from patients with acute pneumococcal pneumonia at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (Tillett and Francis, 1930), a name that reflects its reaction with the C-polysaccharide of Pneumococcus. This pentameric protein with MW 118 kDa has five non-covalently bonded and non-glycosylated identical subunits of 206 amino acids each to form a disk-shaped pentagon (Fig. 1). CRP has been proven as an early indicator of infectious or inflammatory conditions as well as a…

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  • Clarice And Her Husband Case Study

    Unit III Assignment Case Study: Clarice and her Husband 1.What kind of associated stressor was the doctor talking about and how could you as a nurse help Clarice and her family deal with the situation? The associated stress the doctor was talking about is that Clarice finds out her kidneys are severely damaged for poorly managed diabetes, she also finds out she is in the last stage of end stage renal failure. Another stress is that renal dialysis is needed to prolong life after…

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  • Hydroxyurea Research Paper

    To what extent does Hydroxyurea work to treat Sickle Cell Anaemia? Problem: Suffering From Sickle Cell Anemia. Sickle cell anaemia is a severe hereditary disease when there is an inadequate amount of erythrocytes (red blood cells) or haemoglobin in the erythrocytes. Haemoglobin beta alongside alpha globin makes haemoglobin which contains 146 amino acids. Haemoglobin beta makes up 98% of the total haemoglobin, whilst alpha globin makes the remaining 2%. Haemoglobin beta protein is produced by…

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  • Peripheral Muscular Disease Case Studies

    1. Presentation of primary and secondary diagnosis Primary Diagnosis: Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) Normally, as the heart contracts, it is able to exert a pressure that drives blood throughout the cardiovascular system and allows for perfusion as well as gas and nutrient exchange to take place. This blood flow is typically described by the equation Q=P/R, where Q represents blood flow, P is the pressure gradient, and R stands for total peripheral resistance.1 In a well-functioning system,…

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  • Hemorheology Essay


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  • Muscles In Racehorses

    ANEQ 305 Muscles in Racehorses There are many ways in which researchers can examine muscles of thoroughbred racehorses. They can look at the amount of, and different types of muscle fibers found in thoroughbreds, the muscles ability to adapt to high intensive exercise, the effects from changing the inclination the horse is exercising on, and if age and gender affect the way the muscles react. The thoroughbred horse stems back to a founder stallion that makes up 95% paternal and 9 to 10…

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