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  • Why Professional Athletes Use Steroids

    Athletes are banned from their sport if their hematocrit range is above 50% (“Steroids”). Baseball always has the biggest problem with steroids being used by the athletes (“Alex”). In professional sports such as the NFL and the MLB players use steroids to help them get stronger and better on the field…

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  • Mild Iron Diagnostic Essay

    Her anemia is so severe she is experiencing life threating symptoms of increase heat rate and respirations, hypotension, shortness of breath. After arriving at the hospital, her subjective data and laboratory values of decrease hemoglobin and hematocrit, normal reticulocytes, and low mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) and mean corpuscular volume (MCV) indicated that she has a type of Microcytic hypochromic anemia caused by iron…

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  • Campinha-Bacote Model Analysis

    According to Campinha-Bacote Model of Cultural Competence (2008), cultural assessments should be completed on the individual basis. The values, beliefs and practices of each client should be considered when providing health care services. The Campinha-Bacote Model is centered on five concepts. The five concepts are as follow: Cultural Awareness: The nurse is subtle to the values, beliefs, practices/lifestyle of the client and recognizes his/her own values, biases and prejudices. Cultural…

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  • Emergency Case Study Essay

    Case History A 23-year old man, came to the emergency department because of shortness of breath, fatigue, a cough, muscle pain, nausea, and a fever. His shortness of breath was due to minimal activity and returned to normal after several minutes of rest. His fatigue has limited him to only doing daily required activities. He did not complain of having any chest pain while breathing. His cough was nonproductive and had no aggravating or relieving factors to it. He also complained of feeling sick…

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  • Hematotoxicity Experiment

    The erythrocyte carries the pigment that makes the reddish color of the blood due to the pigment hemoglobin being present. Also, the hemoglobin concentration needs to be tested as well as the hematocrit or the packed cell volume. Essentially, it is the volume percentage of red blood cells in the blood. Additional testing would be required for the total leukocyte count, which is referred to the white blood cell count. The thrombocyte count is another…

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  • Stroke Vs Stroke Essay

    CMI Vascular Jeanelle Bastien December 2016 Melinda Bechtel Stroke in Evolution VS Completed Stroke A stroke in evolution is defined as; ischemic neurologic symptoms that actively worsen during a period of observation. A completed stroke is defined as; stable neurologic deficit that had sudden onset and persists longer than 3 weeks. In a stroke in evolution symptoms come and go, which is considered unstable. Whereas a complete stroke, no progression or resolution of the symptoms, which is…

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  • Bronchitis Case Study

    Q1. What clinical findings are likely in R.S. as a consequence of his COPD? Ans. The clinical findings are likely in R.S. as consequences of his COPD are SOB, history of smoking, thick sputum and sputum may be purulent, productive cough, wheezing, rhonchi and decreased breath sounds, dyspnea, chills, muscle aches, fatigue may be evident during meals, when walking and even after rest. In chronic obstructive lung problems are known because resistance in airflow increases and causes obstruction in…

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  • Rhesus Disease Research Paper

    hemolytic anemia and jaundice is another life threatening condition that can be seen in infants affected by Rh disease from erythroblastosis fetalis. Severe forms of erythroblastosis can be characterized by extreme pale pigment of the newborn due to hematocrit levels being below 5, high output cardiac failure, ascites, edema, extramedullary hematopoiesis, and pericardial effusion. Death often occurs just before or after the delivery of the infant due to hydrops fetalis if left…

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  • A. S AKI Case Study

    point) Interpret A.S.’s laboratory test results and describe their significance to the patient’s disease process. Both the Hemoglobin and hematocrit are low which can be a sign of kidney failure. When the kidneys start to fail the amount of erythopoietin being relased c often times decreases and the erythopoietin is what stimulates the red bloos cell production. WBC’s are on the low side but still within normal range. Sodium is low, the normal is 135-145, this can be caused by the kidney…

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  • Lab Report Into Thin Air

    Quetext About FAQ Contact Valerie Delucca Professor Di Lauro Biology 109- Anatomy and Physiology 6 December 2016 Into Thin Air Part 1: - Mt. Denali, Alaska, 17,660 Feet People tend to experience dizziness, headache, fatigue, shortness of breath,decrease in brain function, headache, dizziness, frostbite, hypothermia, etc. at higher altitudes due to a decrease of atmospheric pressure. Mark experienced a shortness of breath and could not seem to feel better even when he paused his climb to “take a…

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