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  • John Waters: The Prince Of Trash

    Did you ever have a friend growing up that made it his or her ultimate goal to gross you out? Wether it be by cracking their fingers, telling jokes, or tortures through smelly socks, it is guaranteed that you did not appreciate when your your friend teased you about such matters. Most people as they get older they mature and grow out of this kind of humor. What if I told you there was a man that never grew up. A man that became a director to channel his talent into what he considers an art form. A man who ultimate goal is to make you puke. I imagine that would be your worst nightmare, unfortunately this man is real and he exists today. He is known as the Prince of Puke, the Pope of Trash, Mr. John Waters is the grossest man you'll ever meet. John Waters was born April 22, 1946 in Baltimore Maryland (IMDb.com). Growing up, it was said that John Waters had an unbelievable obsession with violence and gore both in real life and special effects done for on screen. One childhood memory that John Waters likes to cherish, is one of when he saw real blood on a car seat in a junk yard. He spent the rest of the day fantasizing lethal car crashes. With John Waters, he treated this subject matter as something he was studying. He liked to read about serial killers and look into how they killed their victims. Often John Waters would attend course cases of gory trails all over the United Staes(IMDb.com). John Waters’ upbringing definitely served as a transit into his career in filmmaking.…

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  • I Am Not A Myth Poem Analysis

    warning from an elder film actress with experience to a younger naïve scarlet. Hittinger uses intense detailed imagery and symbols to create this image of what the life style of a scarlet is like. The speaker, Dietrich, gives us direct markers of to whom she’s refereeing to in the text when she states, “you arrived, tipsy, a bit chartreuse/ a subdused platinum angel.” Monroe had a bit of a reputation of representing this sociality party girl, which was a life style that Marlene was very aware…

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  • Essay On How The Grinch Stole Christmas

    Dr. Seuss’s movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas won a numerous amount of awards such as the Kids’ Choice Award, but what really made people feel like it was fit for all of these awards? With the humor in it and the holiday spirit it expresses, many children fell in love with the Grinch when it first came out, and continue to love it still today. Although many people consider The Grinch to be too childish; it is one of the best Christmas movies. Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer,…

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  • Outwear Trends In The 50s

    This picture is dated December 1963. My grandma is wearing a knee length full skirted black dress, a fur stole, and a pair of black gloves. Fur stoles were a popular style that emerged in the 1950s outwear trends. Even though it came out in the 50s, it was still a popular outerwear accessory in the early 60s. The mid 1960s Sears catalog is advertising a mink stole (Shih, 1997, p.104). The model advertising the stole is shown wearing white gloves with it, which means that it is more of a formal…

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  • My New York City Chapter 9 Summary

    Chapter Nine As they entered the hotel and crossed the marble floor, Karolina heard a voice at the far end of the lobby. “Karolina, what are you doing here?” A well-dressed woman in a dark dress with a mink stole adorning her shoulders walked up to Karolina. She and her family were waiting for Sigel to discuss their situation with the front desk clerk. “What a small world it is to be able to see someone from Baden, right here in New York City!” The woman spoke loudly with a slight German…

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