Analysis Of Pier Della Vigna In Dante's The Divine Comedy

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Pier della Vigna, a character from Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” is the focal point of this paper. This character is introduced in the Inferno Canto XIII, also known as the Second Ring of the Seventh Circle of Hell. Of all characters that I have come across in the Divine Comedy, Pier to me is most significant as he does not claim that he was wrongfully punished in hell but worries of being recognized as an unfaithful person in the world. The concept of this paper will surround the idea of Pier and Dante’s interactions in the Divine Comedy and how they benefit from their coinciding experiences.
Pier’s being mentioned in the Comedy is noteworthy as he was high-profile in society before he died and taken to hell. He was born around the year 1190 in Capua, Italy
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From the beginning, Dante manipulates the reader to feel for Pier and Virgil intentionally has Dante break off a branch which causes pain to Pier. Virgil could have just as easily explained the situation or even speak to Pier beforehand and have him explain to Dante his situation. In the poem, Dante even gets a little dramatic about dropping the broken branch after he realizes what effect his snapping of a branch had on Pier. “So now there ran, out of this fractured spigot, both words, and blood. At which I let the tip drop down and stood like someone terror-struck” (Inf. XIII 43-45). Dante’s phenomenal control over the language he uses then characterizes Pier as a powerless, honorable man who was wrongfully accused. Dante’s interaction with Pier in the poem is of someone who consistently feels bad Pier. At first Dante physically harms him, which makes him feel bad, then after gives him mental pain by asking him to repeat his story which then leaves Dante speechless. Dante’s lack of words is just of importance as if he were to say something in the poem or write something as a

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