Lewandowski Public Relations

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The unique element of public relations writing is that it is the attempt to establish positive relations between an organization and its various publics. Other forms of writing, such as journalism, documentaries and fiction are not meant to leave the public with a positive image. While, they can have a positive effect they are used to tell stories, to express one’s opinion and to tell one-side of a story. Writing for public relations focuses on using a written platform to communicate a message. Three activities the class did this semester to showcase public relations writing were when we wrote an issue statement for the allegations surrounding Corey Lewandowski, when we wrote press releases about an upcoming event happening for the student …show more content…
The course for students is either an elective or required for their selected majors. What a student puts into the course is what they are going to take away from it. The course can be extremely beneficial, but it is important that an effort is put into it. When coming into the course know what you want to work on. This course, while helpful, will not cover everything so it is important to know what you want to improve upon and work on that. It is a class in which there are many great writers; use that to your advantage. Tell them what you excel at and what you need help with, peer editors are there to help improve your writing and you should extend the same courtesy to them. Working together allows students to become better writers and publish better pieces. While editors are there to help you, you should never stop correcting and improving your work. Every time a piece is re-read there are always things to improve on, expand upon and word differently. The first piece you turn is going to be good, but with better editing and correcting the final copy can be greatly improved. The last thing about Comm 334 is to use the AP style book. Often, when I found I had a question I found it could be answered from the book. It is a great resource, to truly become a better writer is should be utilized constantly. There are so many small things that as writers, we often don’t think about, but that can be the difference between a getting a job and having that job go to someone else. The guidebook isn’t something to purchase and then have thrown to the bottom of a backpack. The AP style book is there to make you a better writer. Don’t waste

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