Public Speaking: The Importance Of Speaking In Public

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All you need to know about public speaking
When it comes to speaking in public, everybody almost feels the same way; it’s scary because you never know what’s going to happen, who’s going to be attending or how people are going to receive your speech. In other words, people are scared to speak to a crowd. And it’s not hard to understand why. Imagine that you’ve been assigned with selling a new cooking device for your first day at work. You’ve never done it before, and were only given 30 minutes to know about the product you are supposed to sell to people inside the store. The truth is; nobody wants to be in that situation where they have to attract people to where they are standing, by yelling behind a microphone, and then
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Attitude here, is made up of the way you are able to surpass stress, the body language you choose to have or your body posture during your presentation. Now let’s explain each one of them, with some …show more content…
You have to practice this technique at least 5 times before “D” day, especially during the time when you feel you need to take a break. Like when you need a 10 minutes break, before carrying on the preparation of your speech; take 1 minute to close your eyes, and see yourself standing on top of a mountain giving your speech. All you can hear is the echo of your voice, and all you can see is the static nature surrounding you (it could be other mountains covered in green, or a beautiful landscape). Isn’t it ideal to be in such a place for a speech, where people’s presence doesn’t intimidate you? So, to combat stress, before the day you make your speech; think about simplifying your speech as much as possible, and also replace reality with fiction (something that is not really there but makes you comfortable and where you are the only person in

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