An Essential Guide To Public Speaking By Quentin Schultze

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Public speaking can be very hard for some people, and it can make a huge first impression. In the book An Essential Guide to Public Speaking by Quentin Schultze it goes deeper than just talking to a regular audience. It talks about being a Christian and handling public speaking. This is a great book to learn about how to be a public speaker and a Christian but not to lose your audience by talking too much about God or not enough. When someone says a free society in public speaking it opens, it appeals to a lot more people. People haven't always been able to speak to anyone they want to about religion. Schultze says “Early Christians had no voice in public life and were routinely silenced and sometimes killed” so for Christians talking about …show more content…
Schultze says “As servant speakers, we first should listen and dialogue with others to clarify what they ultimately believe. We then need to begin determining why, when, and how to use God-talk, which is believers’ foundation for big-picture truth. As we speak with others and listen to their responses, some of our views might change. We might especially refine our control beliefs, thereby making us wiser speakers in the future.” This helped me in learning that we really need a good background on your audience. If not they might react very differently to some things that could be said on certain topics. Especially when talking about God. People interpret things very differently so you need to make sure you have an opened mind and do not lose the focus of some people. Also, you need to be clear when speaking about God because you do not want people to get a different idea on what you are talking about. But altogether we learn that other people's viewpoints and knowing them only makes us wiser in the long run.
As Christians our ethos and persona can be very similar. Schultze states in his book “speaker’s ethos should reflect the inner heart” and with your ethos reflecting your inner heart it is very easy to show your persona through that. Schultze also says “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control” are the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I think these two topics work together very well and really show the kind of public speaker you want to be. You want to be personal and show your heart through

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