Attitude And Myst Impact On Students In Alpena High School

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Our parents tell us constantly that the people with the biggest impact on us is our friends. High school is split into different groups of people; you have the jocks, the brainiacs, and the kids who don’t care about anything. Who are we kidding, there are none of those kinds of people in Alpena High School, everyone here loves school! If we have all these different groups of people to choose from, how do we know which groups are the right ones? The people that you spend a majority of your time with will rub off on you. The major changes that occur when people rub off on you are your attitude, your language, and your actions. Your friend group will impact your life in good ways and bad, so make sure you have positive people influencing you.
Attitude is what makes your life go, and determines how you treat other people. If you have a bad attitude, your life might seem boring, or you will be
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When you let someone with a poor attitude influence your life, then your attitude will become poor. During our experiment, we found that decent kids can turn into ones that we look down on because of the people that they hang out with. They are more disrespectful, and think that they can get away with it. Also, they made harmful choices because of the pressure of their peers. These decisions altered their lives, causing them to get in more trouble, and do things they probably never thought they would do. Others can tell when you have an unsatisfactory attitude also, because you may be rude or snippy with them. Your attitude may rub off on other people as well, and then you’re influencing them. Attitudes affect your lifestyle, and the decisions you make are influenced because of it. If you look down on life or have no boundaries in what you say or do, then you choices will reflect that. You may decide to do dangerous things, or push a limit until you pushed it too far. Then you end up and jail, and bang, your life is

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