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  • The Brazilian Judicial System

    It is in this aspect that reveals the mission of the constitutional court, which in constitutionality control matters, and performs a technical analysis of the science of law, since it is not subject to political convenience. As is known, pursuant to Article 52, section X of the FC/1988, the legislative entity considers that is not imperative the suspension of the rule to be considered unconstitutional, in whole or in part, as a decision from the Supreme Judiciary Court. In addition, the absolute majority of the members of the Federal Senate may disregard that same decision. This is the interpretation for the description of the normative text. Therefore, we discuss the possible existence of an invasion or reversal in the typical jurisdiction of each function of power, through typical legal phenomenon of reality imposed by the democratic…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Ain T I A Woman By Sojourner Truth

    “Ain’t I a Woman?” by Sojourner Truth used rhetorical strategies very effectively. Truth used rhetorical strategies effectively because her tone, text structure, figurative language, and the rhetorical devices she used let the audience know what she was feeling and why she was fighting for was she was fighting for. Truth used many rhetorical strategies in her speech but pathos, logos, ethos, allusion, juxtaposition, and pinpointing really made her argument valid and strong. Sojourner Truth’s…

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  • Constitutionality Of Capital Punishment

    attracted to the executions to ply their trade” (McCall). The constitutionality of capital punishment is continuously questioned by the judicial system and being the controversial topic it is it has generated skepticism among public debates. My argument is solely based on the credibility of capital punishment in the United States it is arguable whether it has rejected the ideology of conscience. By illustrating that capital punishment can alter with an individual’s innocence, I provide a…

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  • Vietnam War Constitutionality

    and secure the blessings of liberty. It provided a balance of powers between the states and the federal government and the three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. Throughout United States history, these regulations set up by the Constitution defined the government and its actions, which led to the country emerging as a thriving, powerful country. As a first world country, the United States are involved in many foreign affairs, many of which questioned the…

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  • John Marshall Supreme Court Case

    The name of John Marshall is strongly connected with an era in federal proceedings. Since the start of his career, Marshall, a certain Federalist, entered into a confrontation with the newly elected President Thomas Jefferson, a convinced Antifederalist (Bederman). The principle of judicial review of the law constitutionality was initiated in the case Marbury vs. Madison by the chief justice. Marshall had various opportunities: to accept one or the other side as well as he could declare the…

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  • Analysis Of The Espionage Act

    In the hundred years since its entry into force, the Espionage Act of 1917 continues to raise debates about constitutionality and power of the government to limit speech. In answering my research questions, it revealed that defending free speech from the Espionage Act has led to scrutiny, defense, and interpretation beyond the original intent of the Act. The Supreme Court Cases outnumber, the Congressional amendments. Nevertheless, legal cases show the fight to protect the press and individuals…

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  • Joseph Blocher Death Penalty Analysis

    In an article written by Joseph Blocher the argument regarding the constitutionality of the death penalty is presented regarding both sides of the argument. He poses the question that if the Bill of Rights mentions a specific punishment is the Supreme Court allowed to find something unconstitutional if the text only suggests said punishment. 1 The conflicting opinions in Glossip v. Gross 2 has created renewed attention to the constitutionality of the death penalty. With the renewed attention…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Stop And Frisk

    Stop and frisk tactics have been used to preserve public safety and officer well-being. A stop and frisk is a non-intrusive police stop and pat-down based on the reasonable suspicion in relation to a crime that has happened, will happen, or is in the process of being carried out (Cornell Law School, 2017). Stop and frisk situations are highly common and the reported instances have increased by approximately 7% annually (Hovhannisyan, 2006). However, the approach is highly controversial because…

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  • Slavery Abolition

    The abolition of slavery in the United States of America brought with it the need for ratification of state laws, as well as the mindset of the American people. Historically African-Americans have been thought of as being inferior to white-complexioned Americans. This disposition presented itself in social, economic, and political affairs throughout America. Following the slavery abolishment states and their individual citizens looked for ways to recapitulate African-American’s inferiority with…

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  • Should Affirmative Action Be Allowed In Schools Essay

    articles illuminates the function of the government especially in the judiciary branch by demonstrating the long process involved in arriving to a decisions when it comes to constitutionality of some laws. For example, the court ruled 7-1 on the case and favored against affirmative action; however, the case was sent back to a federal appeals court for further review to apply strict scrutiny which is “a form of judicial review that courts use to determine the constitutionality of certain laws”…

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