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  • Should Affirmative Action Be Allowed In Schools Essay

    Should affirmative action be allowed in schools? Or does the very idea undermine equality? The case of affirmative action has confronted the Supreme Court in 2008 by a white woman, Abigail Fisher, who believed she was denied acceptance to the University of Texas at Austin because of her skin color. The Court eventually refused to make a major ruling, but instead sent the case back to the lower courts for future analysis and for a future ruling. As for now, affirmative action still exists, but…

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  • Birchfield V North Dakota Case Study

    Supreme Court the basis for determining the constitutionality of the highest court. Birchfield v. North Dakota is a merit brief questioning the constitutionality of the state on issues of criminalizing people who were refusing to adhere to the warrantless searches. Bernard v. Minnesota questions the constitutionality of the state in criminalizing acts of refusal to submit to a warrantless search. The Beylund v. North Dakota merit…

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  • Jurek V. Texas Case Study

    follows prior case decisions, but also allows for further improvements of the justice system. Jurek v. Texas addresses the constitutionality of the death penalty in the state of Texas. In 1975, Jerry Lane Jurek, the appellant, had been given the death penalty after sitting through trial in court for capital murder. He had been day…

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  • Separate But Equal Jim Crow And Plessy V Ferguson Analysis

    Separate but equal, Jim Crow and Plessy v. Ferguson By Paula Diaz, The New York Times NEW ORLEANS, LA— On June 7, 1982, Mr. Homer Plessy challenged the constitutionality of “separate but equal”. He boarded a train in New Orleans that was intended only for whites and allowed himself to be arrested. Though he had the appearance of a white man, because he was one-eighth African American, He was not allowed to ride in the whites-only car. His refusal to leave the train car had the impact he had…

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  • Ambiguity Of Constitution

    which pronounced the constitutionality of the Carriage Tax Act of 1794. Hylton believed that, according to the Constitution, all taxes must be divided based on the population of a state, therefore, he took it to court, where it was discovered that the tax was indirect and could not be apportioned, upholding the constitutionality of the tax. Although in Hylton v. United States the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality, it was still understood that the constitutionality was up to question.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Madison And Jefferson's Interpretation Of The Constitution

    Republican, or Democratic-Republican, views in most cases, and only slightly veered to Federalist views during times when they were absolutely necessary. Jefferson kept his interpretation of the constitution very firmly when it came to the constitutionality of the Bank of the United States, and Madison kept a strong Jeffersonian Republican view when it came to federal government and state government rights. The only time that Jefferson strayed slightly away from his interpretation of the…

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  • Marbury V. Madison: The Supreme Court Case In 1803

    review”…the power of the federal courts to void acts of Congress in conflict with the Constitution” (McBride, 2006). It is not clear if Marshall knew that his decision would indeed result in the Supreme Court being the sole interpreter of the Constitutionality of a law, but perhaps Marshal saw an opportunity to establish the Judicial Branch’s authority, and possessing equal power on par with the Executive and Legislative…

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  • Bacchanal Case Summary

    A. Constitutionality of Bacchanal's Statutes Prohibiting Certain Types of Speech The town of Bacchanal, Nevada presents constitutional challenges to the Nevada state laws regarding: (1) the towns’ of Bacchanal Anti-Harassment Resolutions and (2) the Bacchanal Affordable Care coverage of the employees and their dependents at Heavenly University’s “Paradise Found” corporation. The Court’s task today is to resolve the issue by constitutional measurement, free of emotion and predilection. The…

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  • Abortion In Mexico

    In today’s society abortion has become a major topic of discussion and division around the world. It seems as though abortion has always been a point of contention in states. It is true that states around the world have varying ideas and opinions on how things should be done and so it should not be a surprise that abortion is no exception, but the question is why do abortion laws in states around the world vary so widely. One can analyze why abortion is legal in some states and not others by…

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  • Comparing George Orwell´s 1984 And Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

    to locate a vehicle did not violate the Fourth Amendment, but the court highlighted the fact that the device was used only to identify the location at a discrete moment in time, not to “monitor” the vehicle’s movements”. When looking at the constitutionality of the case, it is clear that GPS systems can be activated at will whenever ordered by a government official with higher power, as loopholes are constantly being used in order to intrude on people’s privacy given to them by the Fourth…

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