Should Affirmative Action Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Should affirmative action be allowed in schools? Or does the very idea undermine equality? The case of affirmative action has confronted the Supreme Court in 2008 by a white woman, Abigail Fisher, who believed she was denied acceptance to the University of Texas at Austin because of her skin color. The Court eventually refused to make a major ruling, but instead sent the case back to the lower courts for future analysis and for a future ruling. As for now, affirmative action still exists, but the standards have been raised to attempt to insure equality among acceptance into college, but there are some who still believe that the necessity to fight the discrimination of races makes affirmative action an inevitable action upon college acceptances.
In the case, there are 4 major political actors that appear in the article with quite different interests. One of these actors includes the University of Texas at Austin in which the President of the university said, “We remain committed to assembling a student body at The University of Texas at Austin that provides the educational benefits of diversity on campus while respecting the rights of all students and acting within the constitutional framework established by the Court” (NBC news article). The political actor that stands on the
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It split the community’s perception by 45 percent claiming that affirmative action was still necessary to combat discrimination against the minorities, yet equally another 45 percent claims that these programs have gone too far and overstepped their boundaries (NBC news article). This decision is still undecided, and it will appear this year to the Supreme Court again, where Americans must choose whether or not affirmative action undermines freedom and equality, or if affirmative action promotes freedom and

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