John Marshall Supreme Court Case

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The name of John Marshall is strongly connected with an era in federal proceedings. Since the start of his career, Marshall, a certain Federalist, entered into a confrontation with the newly elected President Thomas Jefferson, a convinced Antifederalist (Bederman). The principle of judicial review of the law constitutionality was initiated in the case Marbury vs. Madison by the chief justice. Marshall had various opportunities: to accept one or the other side as well as he could declare the court incompetent in this matter by saying that it can not interfere in government affairs, etc. By making a resolution to make no decision in the case Marbury vs. Madison, the Supreme Court affirmed its role of the final arbiter in the event of laws interpretation. The mentioned decision of the Supreme Court legalized its right to interpret the Constitution and determined the further development of American law. …show more content…
Madison, it can be noted that the Marshall’s decision was formulated and reasoned according to the principle of judicial review, that is the right to trial constitutionality of public authorities regulations. Being a Federalist, Marshall broke this principle timely, made it well-grounded and introduced it in judicial practice when the fate and prospects of the young American republic were being established. The actual significance of Marshall’s decision regarding the case Marbury vs. Madison, influenced by federalistic views of the chief justice, was the fact that the Supreme Court came to the political scene of the country. Therefore, by assigning the right to interpret any law for compliance with the Constitution, the court became an important component of not only judicial but also political system of the United

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