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  • Yes For Aboriginals Case Study

    On 27 May 1967, 90.77% of Australian voters recorded the largest ever ‘Yes’ vote in a referendum to change the Australian constitution. This referendum finally allowed Aboriginal people to be totalled in the national census in addition to be subject to Commonwealth laws, rather than just state laws. This is known as the source in which will be allayed to determine The reliability to a person studying the background to the struggle if aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples for rights and freedoms in 1965 will be listed in the following text giving facts on source A. When concerning source A; the origin, motive and audience deliver historians with relevant evidence on struggle of aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people’s rights…

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  • Role Of Faith Bandler Essay

    speeches. Bandler played a vital part in the 1967 referendum and has been acknowledged for her contribution with many awards. Bandler is in no doubt one of the most important civil rights activists of ATSI rights in Australia. Even from a young age Bandler was aware of the discrimination that ATSI peoples faced. Her father would recount to her and her siblings stories of how he had been taken from Ambryn and brought to Australia…

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  • Aboriginal Australia Case Study

    Australians and will examine the legislation and the subsequent impact upon Aboriginal people and their culture. The legislations discussed will highlight how the Australian Government utilized policy to control every aspect of Aboriginal Australian’s lives. The ongoing implications of these policies as well as the current legislations concerning Aboriginal Australians will be discussed. The arrival of European settlers in 1788 marked the end of a peaceful existence for Aboriginal Australians.…

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  • 1967 Referendum In Australia

    The 1967 referendum is a very significant key development in aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples struggle for rights and freedoms. On the 27th of May in the year 1967 the federal government, who at the time was Harold Holt called a federal referendum to be put in place. The Holt government had an amendment to be approved relating to the only two discriminatory laws included in the Australian constitution. This referendum altered the balance of the inequity intended for to the…

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  • Should The Federal Government Protect The Environment

    Introduction Thank you and good morning Madame speaker, The Federal government should have specific powers under the Australian constitution to legislate for the environment. This is necessary to achieve environmental protection whilst improving the environmental performance. The evolution of environmental laws has corresponded with refining of the collective environmental concerns and values. Previously in the past, the way the law has protected the environment was completely evident. The…

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  • The Torres Strait Islander: Aboriginal People In Australia

    The Torres Strait Islander; Aboriginal Australians who were considered to be the first people inhabitating in Australia before any other group of people dated around 40000 years ago [citation needed].Though Aboriginal Australians were the first people residing in Australia they had to face difficulties regarding their socio-cultural aspects, Cultural aspects, Health aspects and there has been a threat to their existence too. They were supposedly living on their own by showing their hunting…

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  • Australia Assignment Analysis

    Australia is the smallest continent. Most people these days’ associate Kangaroos, and the pop artist, Iggy Azealia to the country. I myself was guilty of that until I had a conversation with someone from the Oceanic country and became enlightened. In order for the employees to enter or leave the Magic Kingdom, they have to get brought in by a company authorized bus, unless you are one of the very few that has been granted gate access. As I sat on the bus, to head back to my car after a long day…

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  • Essay On Aboriginal Substance Abuse

    Substance abuse among Indigenous Australians has been in on a constant increase over the years and are 2.5 times more likely to smoke daily than non-Indigenous people, and 1.6 times more likely to use any other illicit drugs compared to non-Indigenous Australians ( 2014). To counteract these statistics there are many rehabilitation programs that directly and exclusively assist Aboriginal Australians in their restoration to quality of living. As said by Karen Sheldon (The…

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  • Difference Between Civil Rights And Land Rights In Australia Between 1960-1980

    What is the difference between Civil Rights and Land Rights in Australia between 1960 and 1980? 1. What argument does the source make? (if you are having trouble with this question, try breaking it down into two separate questions: What is the source about, and what does it say about its subject?) A. Source A, explores post the 1967 Referendum, in terms of addressing the misconceptions and generalisations that have been produced by scholars, the media and journalists, of whom have…

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  • Noel Pearson The Light On The Hill Analysis

    From the first English arrivals in Australia, the Aboriginal people have lived in the shadow in their own country, with many issues that have not been resolved yet. Noel Pearson is one of the country´s most respected Aboriginal leaders and impressive intellects and powerful orators in Australia. He is a popular defender for Aboriginal rights, especially Aboriginal land. He has changed the approach to welfare, child abuse, child protection, education and economic development. In 2007, together…

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