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  • Essay On The Impact Of Referendums On Democracy

    impact of referendums on democracy? Include examples from the UK and other countries. A referendum is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to vote on a particular proposal. This may result in the adoption of new constitution, a constitutional amendment, or a law. Whether referendums are initiated by governments, presidents or voters the issues can differ from constitutional amendments, electoral system change and national independence to EU membership and EU treaties. ‘Referendums are universal. Of the major democracies only the US, India, Japan and Israel have never experienced one at the nationwide level, and the US, of course, has had thousands in individual states. The referendums have varied enormously…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Non-Binding Policies In New Zealand

    and recently when John Key proposed the idea in 2014 before the elections(Isaac Davison, 2014). It has been decided that two binding referendums will be used to decide the future of the New Zealand flag(Paul Goldsmith, 2015) one to pick out the best six flags and another referendum at a later date to decide what one the six should be used. A referendum is a vote by the electorate and as a result parliament now becomes aware of the public consensus on a problem. The type of referendums that…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of New Labour

    they lost the mayor election and did not gain a majority in the GLA. London being so important to the United Kingdom needed more independence to take action and this allowed it some power while keeping it in check. It must be remembered that London is a city and does not deserve the same power as Wales or Scotland. One can see that devolution was extremely important to New Labour. Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and London all received powers from the central government, thus ensuring that…

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  • Grenada Constitution Reform Essay

    Grenada is an island located in the southern Caribbean with a current population of approximately 115,000. The country’s main income areas are from the agricultural and tourism industry. In 1974, Grenada was given its Constitution by an Act of Parliament. However, as of November 24th, 2016, the voting population will be called upon to cast their votes on proposed changes to the Constitution in a national referendum. Before delving into the whole issue of constitution reform, let us first define…

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  • Scottish Referendum

    Referendum is basically giving the people the opportunity to give their vote on what they think is the right choice. It shows the power of democracy and sharing the power with the citizens. The word referendum has the word “refer” and it explains that it is referring on something. In this essay the writer will give advantages, disadvantages, and examples of referendum. And show how referendum can help to get over an issue, with basically giving the people the power to give a solution to the…

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  • Proposition 67 Research Paper

    democracy within the state. For much of the latter half of the 19th century, many Californians had begun to see their state legislature not as an entity that represented the goodwill of the people but as an outlet for special interests, in particular the railroads, to control and dominate many aspects of the state. Seeking to circumvent a corrupt legislature, California voters elected Hiram Johnson to the seat of Governor in 1910. Johnson as a member of the progressive movement of the late 19th…

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  • Positive And Negatives Of Representative Democracy

    Democracy is a political system in which the people have the power to rule the government. Citizens can influence and affect the decisions made by the government, directly or indirectly. The country we live in is a representative democracy, where we indirectly affect our government. Citizens elect an official that represents their population in governmental decisions and political issues. On the other hand, in a direct democracy each individual represents himself and can directly participate in…

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  • Progressivism In California

    California has a long history prior to it’s entry into the United States. Indigenous Americans inhabited California for thousands of years before permanent European settlements occurred in the 1600s. California was occupied and claimed by Spain and Mexico throughout the 1600s to the late 1800s, contributing to California’s culture and history, before the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo concluded the United State’s war with Mexico and ceded California to the Unites States. In 1849 a constitutional…

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  • Referendum Vote Essay

    On Thursday, June 23rd the people of Britain went to the polls and made a decision that will reshape history for the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. The referendum vote to leave the European Union, commonly referred to as Brexit, is not one many people predicted would pass. However, a combination of factors––economic, social, and political––building up enough tension and anxiety in the British people, lead a very split electorate to the polls where the referendum vote was their outlet…

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  • 1967 Referendum In Australia

    The 1967 referendum is a very significant key development in aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples struggle for rights and freedoms. On the 27th of May in the year 1967 the federal government, who at the time was Harold Holt called a federal referendum to be put in place. The Holt government had an amendment to be approved relating to the only two discriminatory laws included in the Australian constitution. This referendum altered the balance of the inequity intended for to the…

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