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  • The Importance Of Reflection In Nursing

    Reflecting on an issue or situation is taking serious thought and consideration of what happened and how one could behave differently or respond differently. So simply, reflection is the ability to turn a negative into a positive. This is incredibly important in nursing practice as when we make a mistake, learn a different technique or a situation happens that we feel we could have handled better, reflection allows us to look back where we went wrong and how we could correct ourselves in the future. Reflection can make an nurse more confident and knowledgeable with patient care as well as with every day nursing situations. Even more so, it can be what makes a nurse into an incredible nurse. Unfortunately, many mistakes are possible when caring for a patient and even more so many factors can contribute to these errors. Medication errors for example can be caused by poor communication, complicated drug calculations or even multiple medication use (Howarth, 2015). These errors can have a significant effect on a patient’s mortality and morbidity (Rafter et al., 2015) as well as posing on a nurse’s ethical concern to “do no harm” to a patient (Halcomba, Daly, Jackson, & Davidson, 2004). This is even more prevalent in older patients or those with co-morbidities as they become a higher risk of suffering from an adverse event (Rafter et al., 2015). Furthermore, one of the best ways to prevent adverse events is through learning or reflecting upon them (Rafter et al., 2015). Whether…

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  • Social Welfare Competency Report

    my help would solve the problems the clients where encountering, such as social, exclusion, oppression and discrimination. In addition, when the group work was presumably failing to achieve my assumed goals, I was momentarily perplexed as to how to deal with the situation (Hill 2015). Although I effectively dealt with my confusion/agitation by professionally detaching from my feelings thus performing appropriately, the fact that my assumptions almost reduced my effectiveness was enlightening…

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  • The Role Of Reflection In The Effects Of Community Service On Adolescent Development

    In the article, The Role of Reflection in the Effects of Community Service on Adolescent Development: A Meta-Analysis, researchers van Goethem, et al. explored the benefit reflection has on adolescents participating in community service. The act of reflection is when a person takes mindful approach to thinking the relationship between community service and possible psychological benefits (Ogden & Claus, 2006 as cited in van Goethem, et al., 2014). Reflection is important part in the process of…

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  • Mathematical Power Reflection Essay

    Reflection on Mathematical Power In a thoughtful paragraph, summarize the key learning you are taking away from Mathematical Power? I have definitely learned a lot of concepts, ideas, and more through reading Mathematical Power and hearing more about Ruth and Cathy’s journey through creating an interesting math class for Cathy’s students. I think one of the ideas I learned that really stood out for me was being willing to take risks and do things outside of my comfort zone. There were…

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  • Personal Reflective Account On Moving House

    Personal reflective account I have chosen to use Kolb 's (1931) experiential learning model of reflection to reflect on my personal experience of moving house. I considered this to be the best model to assist me in reflecting on my experience as it allowed me to reflect on what happened, what my experience was, why it happened and what I will do when/if it happened again (McLeod, 2010). What happened? I lived with my parents for 20 years, we had always lived in the same house, so I had never…

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  • Kiarostami And The Aesthetics Of Ghazal '

    not being able to reshoot Makhmalbaf when he arrives to see Sabzian. Also, intertextuality in where there is a reference made of the film Marriage of the Blessed when Makhmalbaf asks Sabzian if he has seen him before. This scene’s reflexivity is used to explore questions of authority, deception, identity and desire by emphasizing the way the story is told. It allows analyzation of several perspectives, alternate/ unofficial histories and differentiates cultural, social, and political frames.…

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  • Beck's Reflexive Analysis

    The reflexive here refers to the rebound effect on society due to the unplanned production activities (industrialization) in our modern societies and forcing them to adjust and adapt. The concern of this theory is on how to handle these unplanned risk posed but not the distribution of wealth and power. According to Wimmer and Quandt (2006), Beck described in ‘The Risk Society’ that, just like the problem of ecological risk, are not distributed according to wealth, social milieus and strata…

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  • Reflexive Communication Model

    In today’s modern society New Zealand is a multi-cultural country and different people and cultures over the years have attained cultural attitudes, values and beliefs differently; therefore, multi-cultural characteristics are different to others within New Zealand. In this reflexive journal, my personal model of reflexive communication practice will focus on my understanding of personal, cultural, professional and political practices and how I perceive myself in today’s New Zealand society.…

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  • What Is Reflexive Epilepsy

    In an article written by Alan Kingstone, Chris Friesen, and Michael Gazzaniga they are discussing a study about gaze reflection and reflexive joint attention. They used two similar people to conduct multiple experiments to test out their hypothesis. In the article, Reflexive Joint Attention Depends on Lateralized Cortical Connections, their hypothesis was that the reflexive attention in response to gaze direction correlates with the hemisphere specialized for processing faces. The people used…

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  • Anzaldúa Analysis

    who have abusive sexual intercourse with the speaker. Moreover, the speaker shifts mood, from happy and optimistic to discontent and hopeless. From the opening line to the closing line, we are presented with polarized emotions that are unreconcilable. this sharp turn at the end of the poem, serves as a conclusion that tells the reader how was the travesty. The dialogue with the rapists is a one-way: the rapists ask two questions before apprehending the victim, but the victim does not…

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